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Tuesday, 2021-01-19
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Nokia is apparently prepping a PureView Lumia phone for release with Windows Phone 8 on Verizon.

Nokia Lumia 800.Jpg

Rumors Continue About PureView Lumia And Other Windows Phone 8 Handsets

According to the rumors going around, Nokia is working on a PureView Lumia phone for Windows Phone 8. This Lumia phone purportedly runs on Windows Phone 8 Apollo and will feature a ClearBlack 1280×720 HD screen. It will be powered by a Qualcomm chip (the MSM8960) and will apparently be part of the Verizon family in the US.

According to Microsoft focus site MS Nerd that reported about this phone, there’s also another Lumia phone under development that comes with a slide out landscape QWERTY keypad and will be part of the Sprint family in the US.

It also mentions two Samsung Windows Phone 8 handsets going to AT&T and one HTC made handset going to T-Mobile. All of these handsets would be released with the latest version of Windows Phone 8, which is of course a given for any smartphone releasing on any platform.

Even though these are rumors, the source has a good track record for being accurate. So there’s a possibility that these phones will actually come to their respective carriers and it is almost a certainty that Nokia already has access to early builds of Apollo along with other top tier phone makers. However, right now these should be treated for what they are — unsubstantiated talk of future events.

As the time rolls on this year, the rumors surrounding Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will only grow in numbers. One of the main features that current smartphone users can look forward to is seamless integration between their Windows Phone handset and everything that runs Windows 8. So if you own a tablet, desktop and laptop running Windows 8, they will all have seamless integration with each other and your smartphone running on Windows Phone 8. This is going to be one of the main selling points for the upcoming OS and platform.

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NVIDIA is working on releasing its own chips for devices running Windows 8 and it intends to use its specialization in graphics as leverage.


NVIDIA Working On Its Own Chip For Windows 8

NVIDIA is working on its own line of ARM-base chips (same architecture used in chips made by Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Apple, etc.) for using in Windows 8 devices. The company is known mainly for its superior graphics cards and more recently the Tegra series of SoC’s (system on a chip) that are in common use in the mobile sector.

The company has plans to go beyond tablets and smartphones to put their chips on laptops as well. Since the chips will be using designs made by ARM, they will make for great battery life and NVIDIA’s specialization ill ensure that the graphics quality is great.

Since Windows 8 will be able to run on both ARM and x86 (Intel and AMD), a lot of companies are looking in to ARM-based technologies to work on their own custom offerings for the Windows 8 market. Windows being the world’s most common operating system, the market penetration of its latest version is expected to be quite high. This is what is motivating companies like NVIDIA to offer products that they would not consider otherwise.

NVIDIA’s chip will use the same technology that runs inside most tablets on the market right now, including the market leader iPad and the second ranking Kindle Fire. Many of these tablets are from major companies like Motorola, Acer, Asus and Lenovo and they use NVIDIA’s Tegra SoC. Tegra 3 is the latest in this series and it is one of the first quad-core SoCs. It also has 12 graphic cores, helping companies like Samsung drive higher resolutions and better performance in their smartphones and tablets.

NVIDIA says that Windows on ARM (WoA) gives them the opportunity they require to break the current status quo of Windows running exclusively on x86 and therefore mostly on Intel — the world’s largest chipmaker who makes solely x86 chips.

ARM chips like the one NVIDIA is planning would bring features such as extremely slim fanless-designs and longer battery life to touch-based Windows 8 devices. They would also drive prices down through the emerging competition, thus benefitting the consumer.

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If you want to clear the clipboard in Windows 8, read this tutorial how to use the echo command for that
Preview Image

What Is The Clipboard?

Clipboard can be defined as a temporary storage area for information. When we select any text or file and then perform the Copy or Cut operation the selected text or file copied or moved to clipboard. Until we perform a Paste operation the selected content will be in the clipboard. After Paste command the selected content moves to its new location from the clipboard. As all applications can access the clipboard, information can be easily transferred (copy or cut) between different applications or within an application.

Suppose you want to copy a text line from a webpage to your word (.doc) file. Internet Explorer is showing the web page and you want to copy the text (information) to another file which is monitored by a different application, Microsoft Word. As both the applications can access the clipboard it is possible to transfer the text (information) from the web page to the .doc file.

Now, whenever you put any information into the clipboard, the amount of available memory decreases. If you perform a Copy command for a large image file, you may experience slowdowns and sluggish performance due to the low amount of available memory. To clear the clipboard and redeem the memory occupied by the large file you may need to clear the clipboard.

Follow these steps to know how to clear the clipboard in Windows 8.

Steps to clear the Clipboard using CMD

1. Press window+R to start "Run”window.

2. Now type

cmd /c "echo off | clip”

and hit Enter.

Enter Command

This will successfully clear the clipboard.

3. To simplify the procedure, you may create a shortcut with cmd /c "echo off | clip” command as the location of the item, and save the shortcut in a place where you can easil ... Read more »

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In some cases you might have to disable network devices/adapters temporarily. You can use the device manager to do that.

Preview Image

What is network devices (or adapters) and drivers ?

A network adapter interfaces a computer to a network. Modern network adapter hardware exists in several forms.As

  • Peripheral Component Interconnect or PCI. Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi network adapters for desktop and notebook computers commonly utilize PCI.
  • USB interface

Windows operating systems support both wired and wireless network adapters through a piece of software called a "device driver”.
Network drivers help application software to communicate with the adapter hardware. Network device drivers are often installed automatically when adapter hardware is first powered on.These prerequisites are important to
configure network devices.

How to disable network adapter ?

There are many methods to accomplish this task,like

  • Using Command prompt
  • modifying registry value
  • Using third party network manager software
  • and so many other ways.

But the most simplest, and reliable way is to configure Device Manager . To configure device manager follow the steps:

1. Go to the Control panel .In the Windows 8 charm home screen type "control panel” to search.

control panel

2. in the control panel, go to the Device manager. If you do not know where it is, simply type in the
search box.

Device manager search

3.Click Device Manager and a pop up window will open , showing every detected devices.

Device manager ... Read more »

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The "open file security warning” can be rather annoying to advanced users, so let’s diable it
 warning error

We are currently living in a world, which is rapidly moving to digitalize every single data. Software and applications make it easier. As well as, enjoying full features of multimedia, we need software, and yes we have it. There are tons of Windows software are available in the internet. As we think, they are useful; we do not hesitate to download it. But it becomes a booby trap for operating system if they are not coming from a reliable & trustworthy source. It must be known that, Malwares, viruses are placed on the operating system as an executable file ( .exe or .dll). It is the real case scenario that one cannot trust any document or audio file, if it is coming from a non-trusted network.

But there is nothing to worry about. Windows 8 comes with better security than any other previous versions of windows.

1. First of all it has a built in enhanced antivirus called Windows Defender that always monitor the system.

2. Address space layout randomization (ASLR), which randomly arranges the position of key data areas.

3. Kernel mode security and many more. Search for windows 8 security mechanism for more details.

They can protect harms what are unknown to you. But what if, which you allow knowingly or unaware? IE 10 also comes with enhanced set of security mechanism. Smartscreen Filter monitors phishing URLs, prevents download from non-trusted domain. In windows 8 ,Smartscreen filter is added to the shell, to protect from malware no matter how placed it in the windows. Windows 8 serves IE 10 with a special protection feature called ‘ Enhanced Protected mode ‘ which restrict the access of operating system resources, or simply lock down internet from the OS. In this mode, even cache file, cookie file cannot be placed if it is coming from non-trusted network or domain. And many more.

Why Open-file security warning dialog box is shown :

To protect from piracy and breaching, almost every IT & Software manufacturer’s uses digital signature along with the product served.
You may encounter warning like given below, before downloading or opening any executable file:.This is called ‘ Open file security Warning ‘

This is raised because of Attachment Execution Services(AES).Every program which uses ShellExecute() API, must pass through AES. AES provides a metadata, which indicates from which Internet Explorer Security Zone the file was originally obtained.
The operating system checks this metadata every time the program launches and applies the restrictions set for the indicated security zone. If the metadata indicates a non-trusted security zone, a warning dialog will pop up requiring the user to okay the program execution.

How to disable open file security warning

1. open internet explorer and click the gear button to get internet option.

 Internet option ... Read more »

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If you want to fix a corrupt or damaged user profile in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.
 preview image

What is a User Profile?

User profile is nothing but a set of customisation of the default settings of the operating system, for each user of that operating system.
Each user can customise the operating system appearance for only his own account through his user profile. He/she can add a picture as his/her account
picture, can set a default desktop background, can apply a theme and also change the appearance settings for that account only.

Each user profile is secured against profile corruption. But it may be corrupted or damaged while using Windows 8
Consumer preview. In that case you have to fix or repair it for further use. In order to do so, carefully follow the instructions written below.

1. Create a new user account

1. Search Command Prompt by typing cmd in the Windows 8 charm screen (Metro UI).

 search cmd

2. Right click on cmd.exe and click on Run As Administrator.

 run cmd as admin

3. Type "net user username password /add” without quotes.
Replace ‘username’ and ‘password’ with you chosen username and password.

 add user

Copy old files to new profile

1. Navigate to C:\Users\Corrupted_Profile_Name\. The profile name will be the corrupted profile name.
2.Copy all files except these 3 :

... Read more »

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Slow computer? We’ve got you covered! Let’s fix that damn computer and speed it up!
Speed up Preview

We always want that our computer must have a satisfactory speed. Whatever the operating system is installed in a computer, the operating speed matters a lot . An operating system with a very attractive look but takes long time for opening a folder, running any simple program, copying or moving data, opening a file is not expected by any user. So if you want to increase the access time of your Windows 8, follow the steps carefully.

Registry Tweak

1. Switch to Desktop Mode by pressing Windows + M simultaneously.

2. Press Windows + R to open the Run window. Now type regedit and press Enter.


3. Now go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Control panel -> Mouse . Right click on MouseHoverTime and select Modify . Change the value to 50 to 100.

Mouse hover time

4. Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > Current Control Set > Control . Right click on WaitToKillServiceTimeout and select Modify. Set the value near to 100.

Wait to kill

MSConfig Tweak

1. Press Windows + R to open the Run window. Now type msconfig and press Enter. Now click on Selective Startup.

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Got an IP address conflict on Windows 8? Bugger, let’s fix that
check ip list

What is an IP conflict?

IP (internet protocol) address is the address assigned by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). The IP address is specific to recognize a particular computer on a Local Area Network (LAN).

If you are getting an "IP conflict error” , it means two or more computers having the same IP address on that network. In that situation you need to release the IP address of an computer which is occupying the same IP address and re-assign or renew the IP address of that computer. If "IP conflict error” problem occurs in multiple numbers of computers, same steps should be performed in all of those computers to fix the issue.

Follow these steps to fix an IP conflict on Windows 8.

Steps to fix an IP address conflict

1. First of all click on Search option in the start menu sidebar and type cmd in the Apps Search Textbox and you will see cmd.exe in the left hand side panel.

Search for cmd

2. Now right-click on cmd.exe more options will be available. Click Run as administrator option. Select YES in UAC (User Access Control) dialog box. Elevated Command Prompt or Command Prompt with Administrator privilege will open.

Run as Administrator

3. Now, in command prompt just type the following command line:

ipconfig /renew

Now, hit Enter.

It is assumed that DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration protocol) is enabled in your Windows 8 (by default DHCP remains enabled in Windows 8). This command line will automatically refresh your dynamic IP address and a new IP address will be assigned to your computer. Thus it will solve the IP address conflict problem.

Renew IP Address

... Read more »

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Fixing the autoplay settings is not so difficult, but it can be difficult to find, here’s where the settings are hidden
fix autoplay settings

What is Autoplay

Most of us are familiar with the term Autoplay. Now what is autoplay?
Autoplay is basically a option which select the deafult application for a specific type of action.
Suppose you have inserted a blank dvd/cd in your computer and then you are prompted by apop-up for some action or it may
automatically bring you to the section of burning that cd/dvd. Or you have inserted a game’s dvd and then the game installer
automatically starts running. You can select the default action for this by changing the autoplay options.

In order to enable or disable the Autoplay Options, follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Control Panel by searching it in the Charm welcome screen.

Control Panel

2. Now navigate to Hardware and Sound and then click on Autoplay.

click on autoplay

3. Now the Autoplay settings window will appear. Change the settings as per your requirement.
If you want to disable Autoplay for USB drives, uncheck "Use Autoplay for all media and devices”.
You can also specify other option available there.

autoplay settings

Don’t forget to save the settings to be applied.

save autoplay settings

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The dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is annoying. Here are some ways to fix blue screens in Windows 8
fix bsod

What is Blue Screen of Death

If you are a heavy computer user, and you are using Windows Operating System, definitely Blue Screen of Death is a nightmare for you that you never want to face. Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is an error screen displayed, when windows encounters any critical error in system, so that it can’t boot properly or unable to boot.
The word ‘Blue’ goes after the blue screen which shows the error code.

Common Reasons for the Blue Screen of Death Occurring 
The Blue Screen of Death is usually caused due to a few specific reasons including a poorly written device driver, faulty memory, and incompatible DLL’s or a corrupt Registry.

1. Incompatible device & drivers : If you recently installed new hardware and the device driver is incompatible with Windows operating System, or not installed properly, you may encounter a BSoD. Corrupted device and drivers may generate the error. As example, if you upgrade processor or graphics card or motherboard from one product to another & immediately start windows, you may face BSOD.
The reason is simple. During loading device and drivers, operating system receives the driver software of the old devices rather than the new one. Overclocking of processor, corrupted memory module (or hard drive), improper assembling of hardware (e.g. loose cabling) also generates BSOD.

2. Incompatible or corrupted .dll file: DLL’s are dynamic link libraries are an essential part of the operating system. These DLL’s files are necessary for certain programs to run or processes to take place. If a DLL is missing or there is a problem with the file, this may cause the BSOD. As an application is used over and over again, the chances of an incompatible DLL file occurring increases.

3. Corrupted Registry : Windows registry is a database that stores the configuration settings and options for essential program, kernel, device driver, services, user interface as well as the application programs running on the system. Every application program uses this registry to run properly in the windows environment; even sometime modification of registry file is also required.
Improperly handling of registry may corrupt the core operating system related registry like registry value related to the boot up, device driver, database information creates fatal error in the system that causes BSoD.

Thanks Microsoft for upgrading the error screen from geek screen with error information of previous versions operating systems. It is a blue color page with a sad smiley. The page looks pretty cool.

Blue Screen Error in Windows 8.jpg” /><br> </br><br /> If you have already faced blue screen death in other versions of Windows OS, you can feel the change. The window also informs the error, for which BSOD takes place. </p> <h3>What are the different types of errors shown in windows 8 </h3> <p> Depending upon the reasons behind the crash, the error code varies. Common error codes are; <br></br><br /> <strong> i. HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED: </strong> Hardware Abstraction layer serve as interface between physical hardware and application running in the computer. This error occurs when any device or driver corrupts. <br></br><br /> <strong> ii. KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED: </strong> this indicates that a kernel-mode program generated an exception. <br></br><br /> <strong> iii SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION :</strong> This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code.<br></br><br /> Here is a list of error code, please visit <a href= Bug Check Code Reference

How to fix Blue Screen error

A. First of all allow system to reboot normally.

B. If you can log in the system after normal reboot follow the following steps:

... Read more »

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If you are new to Windows 8 and want to use the Aero themes on it, here’s how on the Consumer Preview.

Using Aero Themes

Aero themes offers a glassy touch and feel of Windows with nice settings of programs. However, such an option is not really enabled in Windows 8 Consumer preview version if you want to enjoy it. As a result, you would have to manually activate it by making some tweaks.

You have to make changes in the registry, and it is my word of advice NOT to proceed ahead if you do not understand the steps given below. Better have an experienced person supervise you in following the process:

Right Click Desktop Select Personalize choose aero theme

1. Logon using windows 8 admin account

2. Press the Windows Hot Key + R simultaneously to initiate Run. Type in REGEDIT and enter the windows registry of the system.

Type regedit and press enter

3. On the left hand side you need to go to the following directory HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM. Now go to the right pane and right click on the white background to create a new DWORD (320bit) value as shown below.

Right Click Select New and click on Dword 32 bit value

3. Rename the newly created DWORD (32-bit) Value to UseMachineCheck. Press enter to make sure its value is set to 0. In the similar manner create Animation, and Blur with their values set at 0 too as shown below

Create Animation and Blur with same value

4.You are done. Just exit the Windows Registry and restart your system so that the changes you made are in effect. Right click on the Desktop and click Personalize to apply the Aero theme option.

Right Click Desktop Select Personalize choose aero theme

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Is your DHCP not working and not assigning a correct IP address to your Windows 8 PC?
fix dhcp

What is DHCP?

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP allows a computer to join a network without having a pre-configured IP address using the TCP/IP protocol. A computer needs an IP address to connect to the Internet.

The purpose of DHCP is to assign a dynamic IP addresses to a device on a network. Dynamic addressing means, a device can have a different IP address every time it connects to the network. In some systems, the IP address of the device or computer can even be changed while it is still connected.

Generally in case of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, users do not need to configure DHCP, as DHCP is often enabled by default and routers automatically assign an IP address to the computer. But sometimes DHCP may not work for different reasons. In that case you can do following actions to fix this problem.

A. Manually turn on DHCP in windows 8

1. Right click on Network icon in the right side of the taskbar and select Open Network and Sharing Center option.

Right click on Network icon and select

2. Now in Network and Sharing Center window under view your active networks option you can see the network with which you are presently connected. Now in Connections: option you can see Wired Ethernet Connection (This is the connection type of the network). There can be other types of connections also like Local Area Connection, Any type of USB modems or it may be any Wi-Fi network so without thinking about the connection type just click on the name on the right side of the Connections: option.

Wired Ethernet

3. Connection properties window will pop up. Click on the Properties option.

Click on Property

4. New window will pop up. Navigate to Networking tab. Then highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and click on Propertie ... Read more »

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File association problems are common, here are 3 methods to fix them in Windows 8
file association problems

File association problem :

Each file in Windows Operating system, has an extension with its filename, e.g. .txt,.mp3,etc. These extensions are used to identify the program, with which to open this file. File type and file extension associations may be corrupted or broken, causing files with some extensions cannot be opened properly. This breaking of association between file type and application programme can take place many reason like:

1 . Some third party program may wrongly set or assign file associations for extensions that not supposed to be the default program of that
file type.

2 . If you frequently install & uninstall many software to open a file type (or a group of different file types), during uninstall sometimes
windows registry for file association may corrupt.

3 . Attack of malicious software ( i.e. malware, trojans etc.) also can corrupt this association.

4 . Sometime, application program or the software may crash and deassociate the linkage.

5 . Finally, accidental deletion of registry entry, or installation folder of application program, windows corrupt and crash may break the
file association.

Whatever the reason is, this is very irritating, because double click or ‘ enter ‘ will not open the file. To open any file of this type (association corrupted), each time we have to select ‘Open with’ then selecting the program. And also, when a file type association for an extension is deleted or not found, the icon for the file type becomes blank in the shape of empty white paper.

Fix file association problem:

In Windows 8, you can solve this problem in many ways. Like,

1 . Using Context menu

2 . Using Control Panel

3 . Using third party software

4 . Modifying windows registry

5 . Restore windows to an earlier point from backup.

1. Solve using Context menu :

... Read more »

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Windows 8, just like any other previous versions or even software released by Microsoft, is not a free versions, and requires to be purchased to obtain its licensed copy. A licensed copy comes with genuine windows Key that activates the windows. Here is how to active your Windows 8 installation:
Windows activation tab

1. Press the Windows Hot Key to open up Metro start menu and click Control panel.

Click on Control panel

2. Usually the first option would be Activate Windows if the windows is not genuine. Click it and in case your internet is not working you would have the option to unlock it via phone. In case the option is not there, you would have to scroll down and click on More Settings.

Click on More Settings

3. It should come with the classic view of Control Panel. In case it doesn’t, you should click on the View By in the top right corner and select Small icons from the drop down menu.

Click on View By and select Small icons from the drop down menu

4. Click on System and in the bottom where its written Windows activation, see the status of your windows. In my case, it is genuine and activated. If yours is not Genuine, the process is simple to activate Windows 8 by entering the Product Key.

Windows activation tab

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Do you love to write with different fonts but after installing Windows 8, you are perhaps wondering how to install new fonts? Need not to worry as the solution is very simple for this.

1. Go to Metro Start Menu by pressing the Windows Hot Key and Click Windows Explorer. You can also simply hit Windows key + R!

Step 1 Keyword

2. Now search for the font file that you want to install e.g. in your downloads folder. When found, right click and select Install. You need to have admin access to perform this function. This would install the font on your system. In case you do not see immediate effects, you can always reboot the system, which would make the changes as required.

Right click on the fonts file and click on Install.


Usually the font files are supported for Windows 8 as they were for all previous versions of Windows 7. These are in OTF and TTF file formats.

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In Windows 8 it has been observed that adding printer, especially network printer is not done automatically due to which, you need to install the printer manually after it gets detected by your Windows 8 version. Here is how to do it:

How to add a printer in Windows 8

1. Hover your mouse over the Start button and Click SearchIf you are on Windows 8 Consumer Preview or higher, hover over the corner until you see a rectangle then click that to open the Metro screen (which is blue on CP)

Click Search

2. Click Apps.

Click on Apps at the bottom right corner

3. Search for Computer.

Search and Right Click on Computer

4. Right click on Computer and click on Manage at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Click Manage

5. On the right pane, you would see a list of drivers associated with their categories under your computer name. Right click on your computer name and select add legacy hardware.

click add legacy hardware

6. A new popup window would show. Click Next.

A new popup window would show for adding a new hardware

... Read more »

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If you have plugged in an external drive via USB, you would see that Windows 8  would notice it and ask you for the required action depending upon what you select from Autoron.
Click Add Legacy Hardware

However, in the case of Internal Hard drives, you need to manually add it in Windows to initiate it. Due to reduced storage costs and bigger capacities it has become easier than even 2 years back to add more storage space in your system by inserting hard drives. Here are some simple steps to make sure that you initiate the hard drive:

1. on Desktop, Move your mouse over to Start button, and click Search. (On Windows 8 Consumer Preview and higher open Metro and then Search)

Move mouse over Start Menu Button

2. Click on Apps, and search for Computer.

Search for Computer and Right click on it

3. Right click on Computer and you would notice a pop up on the bottom right of the screen. Click Manage.

Click on Manage

4. Click Disk Management form the left pane and if you have installed a new HDD, you would be prompted by a message to initiate it with a check on the newly installed HDD. Just click OK.

Click on Disk Management

5. If nothing pops up, it means that either you have not installed HDD correctly or there is a problem with Windows Detection.

You are done

Woila! You are done! Add, delete files, or make partitions, do whatever you want with the newly hard drive so that you can enjoy more storage peacefully.

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Similar to the rumors we had reported about months ago, Microsoft has announced 4 main release versions of the upcoming Windows 8 OS along with their subversions of 32bit and 64bit processors.
Microsoft announces four different versions for Windows 8

Windows 8 To Come In Four Flavors: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro Windows 8 Enterprise & Windows 8 RT

Windows 8 for x86 will come in four different flavors, which is exactly half as many versions as the versions pushed out for Windows 7 back in 2009. As of Monday this week, the name Windows 8 has been announced as the official name of the OS. Two of the versions will be used for pre-loading PC’s at retails level — Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.

The Windows 8 version will be De Facto for consumers, said Microsoft and Windows 8 Pro will aimed at professionals with more sophisticated technological needs. This also goes for advanced users and businesses. So as Microsoft puts it, the second version is good for enthusiasts and those who want to use it for their business.

The third kind will be given to corporate clients who pay something called the Software Assurance fee. This is a set licensing fee that allows a company to upgrade through a multi-year period in its exchange. This version will be called Windows Enterprise. That makes it 3 SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) versus the 6 SKUs that Windows 7 currently has.

Out of those six, four are in regular use – Home, Premium, Professional and Ultimate. The Starter Edition is a limited edition where users cannot customize their machines and cannot open more than 3 applications at a time and the Home Basic edition is used only in developing markets. Windows 7 also has an Enterprise version that is used for volume sales.

Microsoft made another interesting statement within this announcement — the company will be offering a local-language only version in certain parts of the world. This sounds like something akin to the Starter Edition or Home Basic.

The Windows 8 RT version is a special case because it won’t available to the masses in general. This is the ARM version that will be chipped directly to manufacturers who will then implement it on their hardware, such as tablets and ultraportables.

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Microsoft has brought out new Metro apps for the Windows 8 store, much to the delight of those who enjoy working on the Metro UI on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Windows 8 Store Gets a bunch of new Metro Apps

Windows 8 Gets New Metro Apps, Including A New One For Twitter

Microsoft has released a new set of Metro apps for Windows 8, which includes a Twitter app for Metro and also some games. The Twitter app is a fully functional Metro app that will help users take full advantage of the Windows 8 Metro UI with its touch gestures and full screen view with Snap. This app was part of the initial Developer Preview release in a much more basic manner and was then taken off the build before Consumer Preview was released. Now it has finally come back to Windows 8 in its full glory.

Part of the new apps is a traffic app called INRIX Traffic that gives you real time information about traffic situations in your local area. This specific app has the capability to run across Windows Phone Platforms as well, which means you can take it with you wherever you go.

Microsoft’s LifeCam Studio has also received a Metro style dashboard as part of this new bevy of Metro apps. It contains a variety of different settings for the webcam and comes with built in special effects that you can use with the webcam during live chat or video/photo sessions.

Adding to the fun element is the Hydro Thunder Hurricane app — a popular arcade game form the Xbox Live platform that has now been ported to Windows 8 Metro. It is a boat-racing game that comes built in with two boats and different tracks to choose from. Developers of the popular game have announced a full version release in the near future. This version will have as many as 11 tracks and various different kinds of boats to choose from.

Other app titles include the Euro Cup 2012, Channel 9, FlipToast, The Big Picture and Discourse. These five apps join updated versions of the older apps to make for latest wave of Metro apps. One of the useful updates is the Metro version of the WordPress app that lets users make posts right inside the panel — a feature that was added in the latest update.

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Samsung has announced that they are going to bring out Windows 8 phones later this year in October.

Samsung Announced windows phone 8 release plans

Samsung Plans To Launch Windows 8 Phone Later This Year

Samsung statement regarding the release of the Windows Phone has made at least one thing quite clear — Windows 8 is definitely releasing around the last quarter of this year. The news of this announcement comes from a Taiwanese news source and it says that the new handset will be codenamed "Apollo” the same name used to refer to the next version of Windows Phone. Also according to the report — it will be adding more performance parts such as a higher resolution display and a faster, quad-core processor.

The announcements regarding such a launch have been cautiously worded to avoid hinting at any specifics regarding the launch of the actual Windows 8 OS. Microsoft has been absolutely silent about their release schedule. Windows 8 is supposed to succeed Windows Phone 7.5 Mango but so far there have been no official hints about its release because it will be a single unified platform and hence is likely to launch all at once.

Samsung is looking to push out progressively more powerful devices as the time goes by and hence it is quite possible that the Windows Phone 8 handset they release will trump the existing series of Android-based Galaxy devices. It will definitely be more powerful than the single core based Windows Phone 7 and Windows phone 7.5 devices. The current iPhone sports a modified dual-core processor.

Features that were are likely to see in the Windows Phone 8 device include a microSD expansion slot for adding to the built in storage and NFC (Near Field Communication) chips. But the biggest feature has to be the seamless integration between all Windows 8 devices that include laptops, smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Since Samsung is also a PC and tablet manufacturer, the company could theoretically make a whole line of devices for the Windows 8 platform.

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Adding and removing programs is too common among Windows users due to changes in technology as well as software needs. If you have been adding and removing program in Windows 7, then doing the same in Windows 8 won’t be a problem for you. Here is how.

1. Press the Windows Hot Key and click on Control Panel. On Consumer Preview and higher

Click on Control Panel

2. Scroll down and click More settings.


3. Click on Programs if you have a View By category shown or click on Programs and Features if you have a Small Icons View of the page.

Click on Programs and Features

4. You would now be prompted by a list of programs that are installed on your computer. Right click on any one of the program to either uninstall or change it. Clicking Uninstall would remove the program completely from your system.

Step 2 Keyword


That is it! In case you want to install a new app, you don’t need to get through this hassle. The software installation disc or EXE file has installation wizard that guides you to the setup process. Many programs come with built-in uninstallers but in case your program lacks that feature, you can come here to remove it manually. It is that simple!

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If you still have some bluetooth devices that you want to use on Windows 8, you’d first have to enable it.

Right click on the file and select Send To Bluetooth Device.

Bluetooth is a short range wireless technology that enables you to quickly transfer data between 2 devices. Windows 8 is a modern OS with full support for Bluetooth just like its previous versions released by Microsoft. To enable Bluetooth on your Windows 8 system, follow these instructions. Before you start though, make sure your device has Bluetooth capability.

1. Logon using windows 8 admin account

2. Use your administrator account and login into Windows 8. Click Control Panel on the Desktop by clicking on Computer icon.

Click on Computer and then on Control Panel on the top of the taskbar

3. Type Bluetooth in the search bar and click on Change Bluetooth Settings.

ype Bluetooth in the Search bar and Click on Change Bluetooth Settings

4. A new window would pop-up to allow you to make changes as appropriate. Check all 3 boxes and click on OK.

Make the required changes and click OK

5. If you want to send a file using Bluetooth File transfer option, you can right click on any file/folder to send, go to Send To and select Bluetooth Device. Onscreen instructions would guide you to the rest of the file sending process.

Right click on the file and select Send To Bluetooth Device.

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A DHCP server automatically provides IP addresses, the address of the default gateway as well as that of a DNS server to all to all the client computers on its network, whenever its requested to do so.

Type NCPA.CPL and hit Enter

By default Windows 8 is configured to get all these details from a DHCP server when connected. I rare cases this setting might not be enabled by default, or might have been changed by the administrator. Here is how to enable it on Windows 8.

1. Press the Win+R hot key to initiate the Run dialog box. Type NCPA.CPL and press Enter.

Type NCPA.CPL and hit Enter

2. Right click on the NIC card icon for which you want DHCP to be enabled. Next click on the Properties option

In Network Connections, Right click on a connection and select properties

3. In the properties dialog box that open, double click on the option Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Wi-Fi Properties dialog box, select IP4 and click on Properties

4. In the box select the options Obtain IP addresses automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Click on OK to enable DHCP.
Select both options from the list and click OK


Make sure that you disable the settings for remote connection once you are done with it in order to avoid unauthorized access of your system.

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To allow remote assistance connections, you first have to make sure the remote desktop feature is enabled.
Allow Remote Assistance Connections To This Computer

Windows 8 features the remote desktop option to enable access to your PC from other computers. This is a great feature that has been introduced since Windows XP. One has to be careful when using this service because this could lead to system data being lost or stolen in case unauthorized access is granted. If you need remote access to your PC or want to give it to someone else to fix a problem you have, here is what to do.

1.Press the Win+R hot key to initiate the Run dialog box. Type cmd and press Enter.

Type CMD in run and press Enter

2. In the command prompt that opens up, type in SystemPropertiesRemote.exe. When you hit Enter, you would be prompted with a new window having a list of remote network connection options. Make sure to select the 2nd radio button that says Allow connections from Computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure). Now Click OK

Type systempropertiesremote.exe and click allow for remote connections

4. Obtain the IP address of your computer by typing ipconfig in the command prompt. Your IP address is the one which has IPv4 Address written against it.

Telnet Installation finished successfully

5. On the machine from which you want to access the newly setup remote desktop, once again press the Win+R hot key and type in mstsc without the quotes. Enter the IP that you received from your own system to get connected.

Type mstsc and hit Enter


Make sure that you disable the settings for remote connection once you are done with it in order to avoid unauthorized access of your system.

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Telnet by default, is disabled in Windows 8. This is to protect an unsuspecting user from hacking attacks. But if you know what you are doing, and want to re-enable telnet, here is how to do it.

Enable Telnet Server

1. Open up Control Panel by clicking Computer shortcut icon on Desktop and clicking Control Panel on the top taskbar.

Click on Computer Icon and then on Control Panel in the taskbar

2. Open Programs and Features.

Click Programs and Features

3. In this window, select the option Turn Windows features on or off found on the top left side of the taskbar.
Click on Turn Windows features on or off

4. This will open another dialog box listing all of windows features. Scroll down till you find the option Telnet Client and Telnet Server. Tick check both of these options to enable telnet on Windows. It is important you check both of these to enable remote computer sharing.

Enable Telnet Server and Telnet Client by checking both options

5. This would continue with the installation process. In moments, Telnet should be installed and when done, you can click Close as shown below.

Telnet Installation finished successfully

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If you want to protect a folder on Windows 8 from other users on the PC, you can use the permission system for that
Windows-Security Dialogue Box Click Yes.jpg

We all have private files which we would rather not have others see. Some people might also have sensitive or important documents which need to be protected from prying eyes. This naturally demands to get your files and folders encrypted in Windows 8, but by default this option is not present.

Tip: The method below is not an actual encryption method. If you want to do that read this: encrypt a folder using TrueCrypt

You would have to manually spend some time on getting your folders protected. So here is how to protect those sensitive documents.

0. Use the Windows Explorer (Windows key + E)

1. Right click on the folder you want to encrypt and/or password protect and click on Properties.

Right click on the folder you want to encrypt and select Properties

2. In the window that pops up, click on the Security tab. Now click on the Edit button.

Click on Edit

3. Another window should have popped up by now, click on the user you want to deny access to. Under the Permissions for users click on all theDeny checkboxes. You can simply click on modify first and all others will be automatically disabled.

Click on all Deny checkboxes and hit OK

4. A pop-up box should appear to confirm the admin rights for making such changes and ask you if you are sure you want to do this. Click on Yes, and that is it, you are done!

Windows-Security Dialogue Box Click Yes.jpg

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An IP address is a unique ‘numerical label’ assigned to every device, such as computer, printer, etc. for communication purposes. You will need an IP address for a broadband connection and/or to LAN. If you need to find your IP address, then just go through the instructions.

IPv4 address

1. Open the command prompt by holding down Win+R key and entering cmd. Press Enter.

2.Once the Command Prompt is open, type in ipconfig and hit enter.

IPv4 address

3.Now scroll down and look for the IP address of your device. This would be the IPV4 address of your system.

4. To find out your online IP address go to a popular website like http://www.whatismyip.com/ – this is the IP that you are broadcasting to websites out there. All websites that you visit have this IP in their log files (including ours)

So, not for one minute think you are browsing anonymously, even if you are behind 10 proxies and 10 VPN’s, there are ways to track you.

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There might be quite a few reasons one might want to format a hard drive. It could have become corrupted, or infected by a virus that you can’t seem to get rid of. In any case, formatting a drive is quite simple, simply follow the instructions.

Formatting Hard Drive

Tip: For erasing a hard drive, you should always have 2 hard drives, then install Windows on the new hard drive and add both drives to your PC. Boot into the drive that you want to keep

1. Log in to your windows 8 as the administrator and click on Desktop Icon in the Windows Start Metro Menu.

Click on Desktop

2. Right click on the Computer shortcut icon and click Manage.

Right click on Computer Icon and select Manage

3. Once the computer management screen opens, click on the Disk Management option on the left pane. On the right side, you will now see a list of attached hard disks. Right Click on any disk which you want to format and click on Format.

Click Disk Management and Right click on any attached disk to format

4. This will open another context menu, in which you should select the format option, format timings, and the format type for your HDD. By clicking on OK, it should perform the format on your hard drive.

Click on OK to format the HDD


Make sure that the disk you are formatting does not have your data because such an action cannot be undone and the data is recoverable in case you lose your important files during the format.

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If you are looking for a free method to locate your unique MAC address for your PC, then you came to the right place – windows8themes.org!

Locate Mac Address

Mac addresses are unique addresses assigned to networking devices for unique identification purposes. These are done in order to avoid clashes while connecting with other networking devices. You might require knowing your mac address for various purposes such as for port forwarding. If you need to find your mac address, here is how to do it:

1. Logon using windows 8 admin account

2. Open the command prompt by holding down Win+R key and entering CMD. Click OK

Type CMD in run and hit Enter

3. Type ipconfig /all in the Command prompt and hit Enter.

Locating Your Physical Mac Address


The physical address is your MAC address and since many systems have more than one network devices installed, there are chances of having more than one physical address of the PC.

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Every version of Windows has a unique product key, which is different from the same versions run on other systems throughout the world. In case you want to know your windows 8 product key, here is the list of steps you can follow:

Locating Windows Product Key

1. Click on Windows Explorer Icon and right clilck on Computer from the left task pane. Click Properties.

Click Windows Explorer Icon and Right Click on Computer to select Properties

2. A new window would pop-up for System properties where you would scroll down to find the Product ID: of your Windows 8. This is your Product Key.

Product ID

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Instead of formatting your PC every time you run into problems, learn how to fix it, e.g. how to fix your MBR in Windows

If you are having problems rebooting Windows 8 and constantly get bombarded with the missing MBR, you need to repair MBR via the installation DVD disc. MBR stands for Master Boot Record, and plats a vital role in safely booting the Windows. MBR keeps a register of every single file that needs to be loaded when Windows boots up. At times, the MBR could get damaged and corrupted. Windows is pretty much prone to viruses and file corruptions if it gets shutdown or restarted improperly.

Forget about reinstalling Windows 8. Think about repairing the MBR to get rid of this problem, and here is how you do it:

1. Insert the Microsoft Windows 8 DVD in the DVD rom and reboot your computer by selecting the 1st bootable device as DVD/CD Rom from the BIOS settings of your system.

2. When Windows boots up, click on the Next button

3. Click on the Repair your computer link at the bottom.

4. When Choose an option window pops up, click on Troubleshoot.

5. Now click on the Advanced options in the next Troubleshoot window that pops-up.

6. On the next Advanced options window, click Command prompt.

7. When CMD opens up, type in BOOTREC /FIXMBR command and press enter to fix the MBR.

8. You should see The operation completed successfully. notice, after which you need to restart your system in order for the changes to take effect.

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If you, for some reason, want to flip your screen or use the portrait mode, then read this simple how-to.

Flipping Screens

There are various reasons why someone might want to flip the default orientation of their computer screens. It could be because the monitor is more convenient to keep upside down, or someone might want to flip it sideways for advertising, reading, or maybe some other purposes. It’s very easy to flip your screen the way you want to. Here, follow the instructions.

0. Hit Windows key + E to open the Windows Explorer

1. Go to Control Panel by Clicking Computer Shortcut on Desktop and then clicking Open Control Panel, from the top taskbar.

Click on Computer and then on Control Panel on the top taskbar

2. Click on the Display icon. Make sure that the Small Icons view is shown in the Views by category.

Click on Display Icon in Control panel

3. Once the display window is open, select the Adjust resolution link in the upper left of the display window.

Click on Adjust Screen Resolution

4. You will find the Orientation option on the right side of the window. Click on the flip option in this menu because you have now 4 choices from which you would be able to select. You would be asked to Keep changes or Revert. Make sure to select the one that suits you best.



If you are comfortable then proceed with screen orientation, or otherwise it would be next to impossible to use your system afterwards in an awkward way.

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Here’s a great tutorial that explains how you would enable the auto-login feature in Windows 8 and bypass the login screen entirely!

Click on Search

If you have installed a recent version of Windows 8 and the computer is not shared with anyone else, then you can get rid of the hassle of typing your username and password time and again when Windows loads up. Use automatic log on feature instead. In this aspect, Win 8 is similar to Win 7. Here is how you enable windows auto login:

1. Move your mouse over Start Menu button and click Search.

Click on Search

2. Click on Apps and type in netplwiz. Press Enter and a user accounts screen would open up.

Type in Netplwiz and press Enter

3. You would see the list of all those accounts used to login on Windows 8. Uncheck the box Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer and hit the OK button.

User Accounts screen

4. This would prompt you up to verify this action by getting your password. Type in your password and press OK.

Enter password for verification


You are done and when you restart your computer you should be able to get through the windows metro screen without logging in manually.

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Format by pressing the Start buttonHere’s the easiest way to format a hard drive.

Formatting a Hard Disk Drive in Windows or Mac is normal and in case if something goes wrong and out of control, it evidently gets essential to format. Before formatting, make sure that you have made a safe & secure backup of your important files and data on another hard drive or external USB drive to avoid any losses. Here is how you format a HDD in windows 8:

1. Right click on the Hard Drive you want to format and click Format.

Right Click on HDD and click Format

2. You would be prompted by a new window pop-up to format your Hard Drive. It is upto you to Format with Quick Format checked, but I would personally suggest NOT to check this option if you want a thorough and clean sweep of your Hard drive. Now click on Start and Format the Hard Drive. It should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes depending upon your computer’s performance, and Hard Disk speed to perform a speedy format.

Format by pressing the Start button


You have successfully formatted your Hard Drive. As of now, the system should run smoothly without any errors, nags and bugs.

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If you want to know, how to add Disk Cleanup to the Right-Click Menu for a Drive, go through the tutorial below.

Preview Image

Generally when you want to run the Disk Cleanup utility, you either need to find it through the start menu, or need to open driveproperties window to access it. You can skip all these steps and can add Disk Cleanup option to the Right-Click Menu for a Drive to access it quickly. You just need to add some keys and value to your registry. The whole procedure is very short and easy.

Follow the steps to add Disk Cleanup to the Right-Click Menu for a Drive

Steps to add Disk Cleanup to the Right-Click Menu for a Drive

1. First of all move your mouse cursor to the lower right corner of the screen, the Start menu sidebar will pop up. Click on Search option.

Start Menu Sidebar
2. Now, click on the Apps option in the Right Hand Search Menu to open "Search Apps” text box and type regedit in the "Search Apps” text box. Apps Search result will appear in the left. Click on regedit.exe.

 Search for Regedit.exe

3. Click on Yes in the UAC (User Account Control) dialog box.

Select Yes in UAC box

4. Now in Registry Editor browse down to following sub key:


by clicking their respective expand icon.

Navigate to Shell

... Read more »

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