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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 29 » Networking: How to fix an IP conflict on Windows 8?
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Networking: How to fix an IP conflict on Windows 8?

Got an IP address conflict on Windows 8? Bugger, let’s fix that
check ip list

What is an IP conflict?

IP (internet protocol) address is the address assigned by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). The IP address is specific to recognize a particular computer on a Local Area Network (LAN).

If you are getting an "IP conflict error” , it means two or more computers having the same IP address on that network. In that situation you need to release the IP address of an computer which is occupying the same IP address and re-assign or renew the IP address of that computer. If "IP conflict error” problem occurs in multiple numbers of computers, same steps should be performed in all of those computers to fix the issue.

Follow these steps to fix an IP conflict on Windows 8.

Steps to fix an IP address conflict

1. First of all click on Search option in the start menu sidebar and type cmd in the Apps Search Textbox and you will see cmd.exe in the left hand side panel.

Search for cmd

2. Now right-click on cmd.exe more options will be available. Click Run as administrator option. Select YES in UAC (User Access Control) dialog box. Elevated Command Prompt or Command Prompt with Administrator privilege will open.

Run as Administrator

3. Now, in command prompt just type the following command line:

ipconfig /renew

Now, hit Enter.

It is assumed that DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration protocol) is enabled in your Windows 8 (by default DHCP remains enabled in Windows 8). This command line will automatically refresh your dynamic IP address and a new IP address will be assigned to your computer. Thus it will solve the IP address conflict problem.

Renew IP Address

4. To check whether have you got a new IP address type:


And hit Enteripconfig will list the computers IP address.

Computer IP Address List

These are the complete steps to fix an IP conflict problem in Windows 8.

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