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Tuesday, 2020-08-04
Main » 2012 » May » 29 » BSOD: How to fix blue screens in Windows 8
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BSOD: How to fix blue screens in Windows 8

The dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is annoying. Here are some ways to fix blue screens in Windows 8
fix bsod

What is Blue Screen of Death

If you are a heavy computer user, and you are using Windows Operating System, definitely Blue Screen of Death is a nightmare for you that you never want to face. Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is an error screen displayed, when windows encounters any critical error in system, so that it can’t boot properly or unable to boot.
The word ‘Blue’ goes after the blue screen which shows the error code.

Common Reasons for the Blue Screen of Death Occurring 
The Blue Screen of Death is usually caused due to a few specific reasons including a poorly written device driver, faulty memory, and incompatible DLL’s or a corrupt Registry.

1. Incompatible device & drivers : If you recently installed new hardware and the device driver is incompatible with Windows operating System, or not installed properly, you may encounter a BSoD. Corrupted device and drivers may generate the error. As example, if you upgrade processor or graphics card or motherboard from one product to another & immediately start windows, you may face BSOD.
The reason is simple. During loading device and drivers, operating system receives the driver software of the old devices rather than the new one. Overclocking of processor, corrupted memory module (or hard drive), improper assembling of hardware (e.g. loose cabling) also generates BSOD.

2. Incompatible or corrupted .dll file: DLL’s are dynamic link libraries are an essential part of the operating system. These DLL’s files are necessary for certain programs to run or processes to take place. If a DLL is missing or there is a problem with the file, this may cause the BSOD. As an application is used over and over again, the chances of an incompatible DLL file occurring increases.

3. Corrupted Registry : Windows registry is a database that stores the configuration settings and options for essential program, kernel, device driver, services, user interface as well as the application programs running on the system. Every application program uses this registry to run properly in the windows environment; even sometime modification of registry file is also required.
Improperly handling of registry may corrupt the core operating system related registry like registry value related to the boot up, device driver, database information creates fatal error in the system that causes BSoD.

Thanks Microsoft for upgrading the error screen from geek screen with error information of previous versions operating systems. It is a blue color page with a sad smiley. The page looks pretty cool.

Blue Screen Error in Windows 8.jpg” /><br> </br><br /> If you have already faced blue screen death in other versions of Windows OS, you can feel the change. The window also informs the error, for which BSOD takes place. </p> <h3>What are the different types of errors shown in windows 8 </h3> <p> Depending upon the reasons behind the crash, the error code varies. Common error codes are; <br></br><br /> <strong> i. HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED: </strong> Hardware Abstraction layer serve as interface between physical hardware and application running in the computer. This error occurs when any device or driver corrupts. <br></br><br /> <strong> ii. KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED: </strong> this indicates that a kernel-mode program generated an exception. <br></br><br /> <strong> iii SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION :</strong> This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code.<br></br><br /> Here is a list of error code, please visit <a href= Bug Check Code Reference

How to fix Blue Screen error

A. First of all allow system to reboot normally.

B. If you can log in the system after normal reboot follow the following steps:

1. Restore your system to an earlier point.
Open Control Panel . Now, just type Recovery in the search box. If you have back up your data before system crash, try to restore that point from Advanced Tools -> Open System Restore . Otherwise you can Refresh or Reset your PC. If you are refreshing your PC, no personal files and folder will be deleted. But if you choose to reset your
Your PC, personal files and folders in current windows drive, Application programs you installed will be removed and Windows will return to the state as it is just installed.

Recovery Options within windows 8

2. Check the hardware and device drivers that causes the error, from Device Manager. Try to update device driver or re-install it.

3. Update windows for preventing further this type of error.

C If you cannot log in to the system even after reboot, and the problem persists follow the tutorial

1. Put your Windows 8 Consumer Preview DVD into the CD/DVD drive. And boot using DVD. When booting will complete a window will open .Fill the form and Click Next. In the new window click Repair your computer.

Click repair your Computer

2. Click Trouble Shoot to launch recovery and repair options. Here you can Refresh or Reset your PC. If you are refreshing your PC, no personal files and folder will be deleted. But if you choose to reset your
Your PC, personal files and folders in current windows directory, Application programs you installed will be removed and Windows will return to the state after it just installed. Then follow the instructions.


3. If you want to go for advanced option click Advanced Option. If you have made back up and the backup file is in hard disk go for the System Restore . If you have back up your windows in external devices or CD/DVD media, go for the System Image Recovery . System Image required to proceed.

Advanced Recovery Option

4. Alternatively, you can go for Automatic Repair to automatically detect and resolve issues currently preventing from booting.

Automatic Repair

5. If BSOD problem still remain, after Recovery or Reset, go for re-install the Operating system.

If problem still persists check hardware and BIOS whether they are working fine.

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