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Thursday, 2020-08-13
Main » 2012 » May » 29 » Solution: Simply erase or format your hard drive in Windows 8 (complete wipe!)
12.21.15 PM
Solution: Simply erase or format your hard drive in Windows 8 (complete wipe!)

There might be quite a few reasons one might want to format a hard drive. It could have become corrupted, or infected by a virus that you can’t seem to get rid of. In any case, formatting a drive is quite simple, simply follow the instructions.

Formatting Hard Drive

Tip: For erasing a hard drive, you should always have 2 hard drives, then install Windows on the new hard drive and add both drives to your PC. Boot into the drive that you want to keep

1. Log in to your windows 8 as the administrator and click on Desktop Icon in the Windows Start Metro Menu.

Click on Desktop

2. Right click on the Computer shortcut icon and click Manage.

Right click on Computer Icon and select Manage

3. Once the computer management screen opens, click on the Disk Management option on the left pane. On the right side, you will now see a list of attached hard disks. Right Click on any disk which you want to format and click on Format.

Click Disk Management and Right click on any attached disk to format

4. This will open another context menu, in which you should select the format option, format timings, and the format type for your HDD. By clicking on OK, it should perform the format on your hard drive.

Click on OK to format the HDD


Make sure that the disk you are formatting does not have your data because such an action cannot be undone and the data is recoverable in case you lose your important files during the format.

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