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Thursday, 2020-08-13
Main » 2012 » May » 29 » Command Prompt: How to Clear the Clipboard in Windows 8 Using Echo Command
1.10.59 PM
Command Prompt: How to Clear the Clipboard in Windows 8 Using Echo Command

If you want to clear the clipboard in Windows 8, read this tutorial how to use the echo command for that
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What Is The Clipboard?

Clipboard can be defined as a temporary storage area for information. When we select any text or file and then perform the Copy or Cut operation the selected text or file copied or moved to clipboard. Until we perform a Paste operation the selected content will be in the clipboard. After Paste command the selected content moves to its new location from the clipboard. As all applications can access the clipboard, information can be easily transferred (copy or cut) between different applications or within an application.

Suppose you want to copy a text line from a webpage to your word (.doc) file. Internet Explorer is showing the web page and you want to copy the text (information) to another file which is monitored by a different application, Microsoft Word. As both the applications can access the clipboard it is possible to transfer the text (information) from the web page to the .doc file.

Now, whenever you put any information into the clipboard, the amount of available memory decreases. If you perform a Copy command for a large image file, you may experience slowdowns and sluggish performance due to the low amount of available memory. To clear the clipboard and redeem the memory occupied by the large file you may need to clear the clipboard.

Follow these steps to know how to clear the clipboard in Windows 8.

Steps to clear the Clipboard using CMD

1. Press window+R to start "Run”window.

2. Now type

cmd /c "echo off | clip”

and hit Enter.

Enter Command

This will successfully clear the clipboard.

3. To simplify the procedure, you may create a shortcut with cmd /c "echo off | clip” command as the location of the item, and save the shortcut in a place where you can easily access it (can be desktop).

 Create Shortcut

These are the steps to clear the Clipboard in Windows 8. You can check whether this procedure works or not. At first select a portion of text line and perform Copy operation. Then perform above mentioned steps to clear clipboard. Now open notepad and perform Paste operation. You will see nothing is appearing or coming out after performing the Paste operation. This is because the clipboard was cleared, so there was nothing to paste.

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