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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 29 » How to disable the open file security warning in Windows 8?
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How to disable the open file security warning in Windows 8?

The "open file security warning” can be rather annoying to advanced users, so let’s diable it
 warning error

We are currently living in a world, which is rapidly moving to digitalize every single data. Software and applications make it easier. As well as, enjoying full features of multimedia, we need software, and yes we have it. There are tons of Windows software are available in the internet. As we think, they are useful; we do not hesitate to download it. But it becomes a booby trap for operating system if they are not coming from a reliable & trustworthy source. It must be known that, Malwares, viruses are placed on the operating system as an executable file ( .exe or .dll). It is the real case scenario that one cannot trust any document or audio file, if it is coming from a non-trusted network.

But there is nothing to worry about. Windows 8 comes with better security than any other previous versions of windows.

1. First of all it has a built in enhanced antivirus called Windows Defender that always monitor the system.

2. Address space layout randomization (ASLR), which randomly arranges the position of key data areas.

3. Kernel mode security and many more. Search for windows 8 security mechanism for more details.

They can protect harms what are unknown to you. But what if, which you allow knowingly or unaware? IE 10 also comes with enhanced set of security mechanism. Smartscreen Filter monitors phishing URLs, prevents download from non-trusted domain. In windows 8 ,Smartscreen filter is added to the shell, to protect from malware no matter how placed it in the windows. Windows 8 serves IE 10 with a special protection feature called ‘ Enhanced Protected mode ‘ which restrict the access of operating system resources, or simply lock down internet from the OS. In this mode, even cache file, cookie file cannot be placed if it is coming from non-trusted network or domain. And many more.

Why Open-file security warning dialog box is shown :

To protect from piracy and breaching, almost every IT & Software manufacturer’s uses digital signature along with the product served.
You may encounter warning like given below, before downloading or opening any executable file:.This is called ‘ Open file security Warning ‘

This is raised because of Attachment Execution Services(AES).Every program which uses ShellExecute() API, must pass through AES. AES provides a metadata, which indicates from which Internet Explorer Security Zone the file was originally obtained.
The operating system checks this metadata every time the program launches and applies the restrictions set for the indicated security zone. If the metadata indicates a non-trusted security zone, a warning dialog will pop up requiring the user to okay the program execution.

How to disable open file security warning

1. open internet explorer and click the gear button to get internet option.

 Internet option

2. A new window will pop up. Click the internet icon to view or modify security settings for internet zone .

 Select internet zone

3.Then click Custom Levelbutton


 Select custom zone

4. A new window will pop up with title Security settings – Internet zone. Scroll the window to search for Launching
applications and unsafe files ( not secure) 
. By default, it is set to Disable .That’s why unsecured applications and files will
never open in Windows 8.

To Change, Select Enable (not secure) .

 Enable Launching applications and unsafe files

5.A warning message will be displayed when you click ‘OK’ to inform that this security settings is harmful for OS, as any macro or file will be executed without checking signature. Click OK, if you are sure.

warning for changed settings

6 Click Ok until returned to the browser page. Immediately a Pop up message will display. just ignore them.


From now on, Windows Open File Security warning dialogue box will never pop up.

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