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Tuesday, 2020-08-04
Main » 2012 » May » 29 » Connectivity: Disable network devices and adapters in Windows 8 via Device Manager
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Connectivity: Disable network devices and adapters in Windows 8 via Device Manager

In some cases you might have to disable network devices/adapters temporarily. You can use the device manager to do that.

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What is network devices (or adapters) and drivers ?

A network adapter interfaces a computer to a network. Modern network adapter hardware exists in several forms.As

  • Peripheral Component Interconnect or PCI. Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi network adapters for desktop and notebook computers commonly utilize PCI.
  • USB interface

Windows operating systems support both wired and wireless network adapters through a piece of software called a "device driver”.
Network drivers help application software to communicate with the adapter hardware. Network device drivers are often installed automatically when adapter hardware is first powered on.These prerequisites are important to
configure network devices.

How to disable network adapter ?

There are many methods to accomplish this task,like

  • Using Command prompt
  • modifying registry value
  • Using third party network manager software
  • and so many other ways.

But the most simplest, and reliable way is to configure Device Manager . To configure device manager follow the steps:

1. Go to the Control panel .In the Windows 8 charm home screen type "control panel” to search.

control panel

2. in the control panel, go to the Device manager. If you do not know where it is, simply type in the
search box.

Device manager search

3.Click Device Manager and a pop up window will open , showing every detected devices.

Device manager

4. Search for the ” Network Adapters” in the list and click the tiny arrow left to it.It will show every network adapters currently installed in the computer.

Device manager networks are shown

5. Select the network device you want to disable. In the toolbar there is an icon (shown in the picture) to disable.

networks disables icon

6. Clck the disable icon . A confirmation dialog box will pop up. If you want to disable the network adapter click yes.

networks disables confirmation

and you can disable all other types of network adapter using the same way.

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