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Thursday, 2020-08-13
Main » 2012 » March » 28 » WinPE uVS 3.74 Serial Boot Winpe
3.43.43 PM
WinPE uVS 3.74 Serial Boot Winpe

Boot Winpe & uVS, compiled on the basis of WAIK 3.1 for Windows 7 32bit ... designed to treat systems from winlock, butktitov, rootkits and other trudno_udalyaemyh viruses. added to the assembly as far 2 portable, bootice, as well as a library with copies of the file STORE userinit.exe, taskmgr.exe for XP SP3, Vista SP2, Win 7 SP1 (library needed to restore the system files that are overwritten Winlock-rum.) Summary load (which actually created a bootable winPE a utility uVS (universal Virus Sniffer).

  • Consistent with the work of active, inactive, remote and virtual systems (image autorun).
  • Custom bases virus-tested, well-known, etc.
  • Customizable filtration system startup objects significantly simplifies the work.
  • Automatic extraction of signatures of executable files and a quick search for signatures.
  • Five. Automatic generation of therapeutic script.
  • Support and work with virustotal.com virusscan.jotti.org
  • A wide range of processes and destruction of files, a simple means of overcoming self-defense.
  • Eight. Working with non-active systems under Windows PE 1.x (without checking the signature) and PE 2.0 -3.1 (without limitation)
  • Ability to work with x64 system from an inactive 32-bit system. (WOW64 emulator).

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1 californiandesign.com   [Entry]
By WebOsPublisher

Lamb Icons
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Lamb Icons
April 15th, 2011Lamb icons. Images of lamb icon.
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By WebOsPublisher

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3 galaxicons.clom   [Entry]
By WebOsPublisher

The Merge Models window shows you the anticipated result of the merge of your model,with the differences highlighted,and allows you to select or deselect the elements to merge.
Analyzing Differences in the Merge Models Window
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PowerDesigner 16.1 > Core Features Guide > The PowerDesigner Interface > Comparing and Merging Models > Merging Models
Analyzing Differences in the Merge Models Window
The Merge Models window shows you the anticipated result of the merge of your model, with the differences highlighted, and allows you to select or deselect the elements to merge.
The window is divided in two parts:
The Object comparison pane in the upper part of the window displays the anticipated result of the merge on the target model.
Click the Show Source Model button at the top left of the pane to split the pane between the source and target models.
The Property comparison pane in the lower part of the window displays the properties of the nodes selected in the model tree, listing the name of the property and its values in the From and To models.
Click the Properties tools in the From or To column heading to open the property sheet of the selected object in the source or target model.
You can navigate among the proposed merge actions displayed in the model to be merged using the following tools:
Goes to the first difference in the tree view
Goes to the previous difference in the tree view.
Goes to the next difference in the tree view
Goes to the last difference in the tree view
You can right-click a moved object and select Next or Previous occurrence to go to its next or previous occurrence. To expand all nodes at once, press the numpad star (*).
To collapse all nodes at once, you can press the numpad minus sign (-).
For each difference detected during the comparison process, a merge action is proposed for you to synchronize the model to be merged with the model on the left pane. Merge icons are composed of a symbol and a color. A triangle provides an indication that there is a difference between the two models. A circle with a check box, which only appears on the right-hand pane specifies a merge action that will be performed if the check box is selected.
The following table explains the color code:
Deletion and shortcut replacement
The following table lists the indications and merge action symbols:
[yellow] Notification that children were modified
[red] Notification that object properties were modified
[green] Notification that object was moved
Object creation [blue] - Adds object to model to be merged because it exists in model on left pane
Object deletion [purple] - Deletes object from model to be merged
Object modification [red] - Updates object definition in model to be merged using object definition in model on left pane
Object move [green] - Moves object in model to be merged to the same location as in model on left pane or replaces it with shortcut
Shortcut merge [purple] - Replaces the shortcut with target object
Shortcut deletion [purple] - Deletes shortcut from target model
Shortcut creation [blue] - Creates shortcut in target model
Parent topic: Merging Models
Created January 30, 2012. To comment on this topic, go to:

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By WebOsPublisher

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5 Dorotea   [Entry]
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