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Monday, 2021-03-01
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Boot Winpe & uVS, compiled on the basis of WAIK 3.1 for Windows 7 32bit ... designed to treat systems from winlock, butktitov, rootkits and other trudno_udalyaemyh viruses. added to the assembly as far 2 portable, bootice, as well as a library with copies of the file STORE userinit.exe, taskmgr.exe for XP SP3, Vista SP2, Win 7 SP1 (library needed to restore the system files that are overwritten Winlock-rum.) Summary load (which actually created a bootable winPE a utility uVS (universal Virus Sniffer).

  • Consistent with the work of active, inactive, remote and virtual systems (image autorun).
  • Custom bases virus-tested, well-known, etc.
  • Customizable filtration system startup objects significantly simplifies the work.
  • Automatic extraction of signatures of executable files and a quick search for signatures.
  • Five. Automatic generation of therapeutic script.
  • Support and work with virustotal.com virusscan.jotti.org
  • A wide range of processes and destruction of files, a simple means of overcoming self-defense.
  • Eight. Working with non-active systems under Windows PE 1.x (without checking the signature) and PE 2.0 -3.1 (without limitation)
  • Ability to work with x64 system from an inactive 32-bit system. (WOW64 emulator).

Category: Vista and 7 Tips and Tricks! | Views: 1631 | Added by: Adamsummer | Date: 2012-03-28 | Comments (5)

JetClean - Easy to use, yet powerful enough to remove the software system "garbage", optimize and improve PC performance. With it you can fix registry errors, remove all temporary data accumulated, unused labels, traces of the web, the files remained after uninstalling applications, and get rid of unnecessary programs.

  • Cleans up unnecessary files and registry entries in order to improve performance of your computer with one click.
  • Increase PC performance.
  • Reduces system errors and failures, increase system stability.
  • Helps to speed up your PC and launch applications. Shuts down the program, which can slow down your system.
  • Planning for cleanup. 
  • Creating a backup.
Category: Vista and 7 Tips and Tricks! | Views: 1085 | Added by: Adamsummer | Date: 2012-03-28 | Comments (0)

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