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Thursday, 2020-08-13
Main » 2012 » April » 11 » WUI Labs XML Menu Suite 2.23
4.14.03 PM
WUI Labs XML Menu Suite 2.23

XML Menu Suite - Прекрасный визуальный редактор, предназначенный для создания красивых и быстрых DHTML-меню, основанных на XML и CSS. Созданные меню будут на 100% соответствовать мировым DHTML-стандартам и совместимы со всеми существующими браузерами! Поддерживаются, как европейские, так и азиатские символы. В программе имеется более 60 шаблонов.

XML Menu Suite - The Visual Menu Builder! Visually create DHTML menus using XML data and CSS stylesheets. The world's only 100% standards compliant DHTML menu! No Flash or plugins required. Multi-column menu support; Menu Scroller; Animation Effects; Easy 5 step wizard; Blazingly fast load speeds; Full character support; Cross-Browser; Search Engine Optimized


- Multi-column menu support
- Horizontal, vertical, or tabbed menus
- Blazingly fast load speeds
- XML or javascript data loading
- CSS styling
- Supports XHTML
- Supports all Asian and European characters
- Rounded drop shadows
- Menu Scroller
- Animation Effects
- Cross-browser

Graphical Interface:
- Seamless rounded corner creation
- Easy 5 step wizard
- Over 60 templates to choose from
- Easily move/copy/paste menu items
- Easily create/modify existing menus
- Rich content editor
- Rich style editor
- Rich color picker
- Rich background/inline graphic picker
- Full User's Guide
- Creates XML Sitemaps
- Free upgrades
- Search-Engine Friendly

Cross Browser Support:
- Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
- Firefox 2.0 and above
- Netscape 9.0 and above
- Opera 9.0 and above
- Safari 2.0 and above
- Google Chrome (All versions)
(All Browsers have been tested on Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms)

OS: WinAll
Language: English


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