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Monday, 2019-04-22
Main » 2012 » June » 1 » Nokia Design Head Confirms Company’s Windows 8 Tablet Plans
12.44.05 PM
Nokia Design Head Confirms Company’s Windows 8 Tablet Plans

After a lot of rumormongering by various sources about Nokia’s tablet plans, the Finnish phone maker’s design chief has finally confirmed its existence.

Nokia Is Making A Windows 8 Tablet With An Uncertain Launch date

Nokia’s Chief of Design has confirmed that his company is working on a tablet and they intend to make one that competes with the iPad. This news comes nipping at the heels of the Digitimes post that quoted an anonymous component supplier to say the same thing.

Marko Ahtisaari, the Chief of Design for Nokia, let this information slip to a Finnish magazine when he was quoted saying that he is spending about one-third of is working hours on a tablet. Of course, he stopped right there and di did not give out any more details about specifications, form factors or expected release schedule. He simply said that they were working on it.

He did not mention Windows 8 either but then the company is no foolish enough to work on a Symbian tablet when they have such a great OS right in front of them. Plus Microsoft’s presence at Intel HQ will ensure great support from the makers of the said OS and may be even a marketing combo. Google does similar things with its Nexus series of devices where it partners with a hardware manufacturer and provides marketing support in exchange of product development.

Nokia might have gone with Android as well but then that would only mean fragmenting their work force one more time to dedicate a team to the new OS. Windows Phone is already being worked on at Nokia and Windows Phone 8 will be deeply tied in with Windows 8 on ARM — which would be the logical choice for a tablet.

The one interesting thing that Ahtisaari said was that the tablet would be different from the current crop of Android Tablets and it will be designed to steal market share from the iPad. Whilst Nokia is certainly not the first to make claims about competing with the iPad, they would become the first to actually make good on it if they actually manage to put a dent on the iPad Juggernaut.

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