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Thursday, 2020-08-13
Main » 2012 » May » 28 » New PC Buyers Should Wait For Windows 8
12.20.02 PM
New PC Buyers Should Wait For Windows 8

Windows 8 is not that far away and it makes sense to wait a few more months if you are looking to buy a new PC right now or soon.
PC buyers Should wait for Windows 8

Why You Should Delay Your PC Purchase For Windows 8

If you are in the market for a new PC or soon will be, it will work in the long run if you wait it out a few more months till Windows 8 launches. Windows 8 will be launching in October this year, according to the latest rumors, and with it will be coming a host of new software and hardware features that PC buyers will miss out on if they invest in a new rig right now. Besides, even if you don’t want the new thing, this release will also force down prices of the existing PCs which will then be a generation older. So it will work out in your favor anyway.

So if you can afford to wait and buy, you will be able to take advantage of the two major changes in the PC world. The first is Intel’s Ivy Bridge. Though officially it is already out there, Ivy Bridge is actually waiting on Windows 8 to come in to its full form. PCs designed to work with this new processor will only come to the market this Fall with Windows 8.

The second change is touch. Windows 8 is designed to be touch-first (at least its Metro side is) and this will make PC makers innovate on the kind of PCs that they are making. It will force them to integrate touch in to their systems and thus pave way for a new live of software applications. Hopefully, this whole system will result in new and innovative tools that you would want to use. And all of this will happen by the end of this year.

So if you can afford to wait, you will be able to use Windows 8 on the right kind of hardware and it just might make things that much better than the current installs of Windows 8 which are running on non-optimized hardware.

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2 iphontoeolbox.com   [Entry]
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How can I add bank's icons for my country ? | Skrooge
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How can I add bank's icons for my country ?
The banks are defined in a file named list_bank.txt containing one line per icon.
Lines in this file are in fact the name of each bank logo file, and the file should be named like this : xxxxx_xxx_xx__yyyyy.pngWhere :
xxxxx_xxx_xx is the name of the bank. underscores (_) will be replaced by space when displayed in skroog.
yyyyy is the code of the bank. Usually, this code appears at the beginning of the account numbe.
The size of the file must be 100x100 maximum.
Note 1: there is double underscore (__) between the bank name and the bank codeNote 2: the bank code is optionnal. If this is not applicable in your country, do not put anything, and do not put the double underscore.
As to logo files, it's being debated currently whether we should ship them within skrooge, because of copyright issues. If you want to add them along with the file, please do so, but be aware that at some point in the future they might be removed...
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OS X icon transparency and Tasks bundle file icon - The Pug Automatic
OS X icon transparency and Tasks bundle file icon
Written August 16, 2007 at 17:22 CEST.
Annoyances, Design, OS X, TextMate.
This is a multi-purpose post: a workaround for the poor icon handling in OS X and a pretty icon for my Tasks bundle.
Tasks bundle icon
I got tired of the generic blank document icon for my Tasks bundle .todo files, so I custom-made one:
There is an official TextMate document icon template somewhere, but until I get an URL for that, here is the Photoshop psd I made from an existing icon: textmate.icns.psd.
To convert the psd file to an .icns file, I used Icon Composer which ships with the (free) Apple Developer Tools. Just drag the PSD to the largest slot in the Icon Composer window, then drag from there to each smaller slot in turn, using scaled versions and extracting masks when prompted.
OS X icon woes
I love many things about OS X, but the icon handling is really, really horrible.
What I would really like to do is make all files with the .todo extension use this icon. However, after googling it, it seems like I would have to modify TextMate itself and have my changes overwritten at every update, or convince the TextMate author to include my icon and file extension settings.
So I settled for something less painful: since I keep rather few to-do lists, I can set the icon individually for each such file.
Changing the icon for a file (including e.g. drives, devices and applications) in OS X is a matter of opening the info window for the file (⌘I), selecting the icon in the top-left and pasting something there. It’s a pretty cute solution, though very non-obvious. Oh, and it sucks: if I’ve copied an image with transparency from Photoshop, pasting it in the info window will not preserve the transparency. The icon gets a solid background color. Same thing happens when I copy from Preview or from the image’s info window.
If I open the info window for an .icns, it bears an “icns” icon rather than itself.
Update 2007-08-16
Dragging-and-dropping an icon file to the excellent freeware app icns2icon (thanks, Andrew!) makes it appear as its own info window icon, greatly simplifying things.
Leaving the kludge below to scare children.
It’s something of a bootstrapping problem: what we really need is a file bearing the icon, to copy it from.
The workaround I came up with relies on the fact that the only thing I’d been able to successfully set icons for, transparency and all, were applications, by replacing their bundled icon file with a new one.
Go to /Applications and duplicate (⌘D) some app, perhaps Photo Booth. Right-click the copy and “Show Package Contents”. Swap Contents/Resources/PhotoBooth.icns for your own icon, using the same filename. You may need to restart Finder or even log out and back in to get its info panel icon to change.
Once the change kicks in, I can then copy the new icon from the info window to whatever file I wish, with transparency intact.
This workaround is ugly for sure, but I’ve yet to find something else that works. Please let me know if you’re aware of a better solution.
Colloquy scrolling issue and Safari 3 beta
Tasks bundle for TextMate
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