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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 30 » Mozilla: Prototype Firefox Metro Browser For Windows 8
10.55.08 AM
Mozilla: Prototype Firefox Metro Browser For Windows 8

Firefox Metro TileMozilla has been working hard to develop a Windows 8 Metro version of the Firefox browser and they have finally got a working prototype that they are showing off.

Metro Style Browser From Mozilla Has Reached Prototype Stage

Mozilla has arrived at the prototype milestone with their Metro style browser, which is essentially a version of Firefox meant for the Metro UI on Windows 8. Whilst they are showing off the current version of the browser that started development just over a month back, they admit that there are still design questions that have not been answered yet. The UI will be changing, Mozilla’s Brian R. Bondy said. He also said that this is a working prototype, which means the development work is in fact going at quite a fast rate.

One way the team accelerated the design was by implementing the existing Fennec version of Firefox. Fennec is the mobile version of FireFox and the team reports that it "just worked” on Windows 8, which surprised them because the same code base gave significant problems when they tried to run it on Android.

Fennec on Windows 8 already has a lot of the Windows 8 features in place. It features support for Metro Snap, HTML file picker and also the Windows 8 Search contract that allows it to work in tandem with other apps that have the contract in place, such as the Windows Search Box.

Firefox Metro Tile

There’s also support for the share contract, which means a page or content in the browser can be shared with the rest of the Metro apps. So you can already mail, Facebook and Twitter a page that you are on without having to go through cut, copy and paste options.

Given the pace of development, Metro version of Firefox for Windows 8 should be ready by the time Windows 8 is commercially released. Or may be even by May-June when the Release Candidate build is supposed to be happening.

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1 lifetreeecreative.com   [Entry]
By WebOsPublisher

Microsoft Word Lessons and Tutorials - Copy and Paste
computer Tutorials
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More Cut, Copy, Paste
Techniques in Microsoft Word
If you haven't already done so, download the document needed for this
Download the document for
this section
In this part of section three, we'll learn how to copy
and paste text. First, notice this line in the letter:
I will not, I repeat, accept them.
We need another "will not" in there, after the
word "repeat". So it should read:
I will not, I repeat, will not accept them.
We'll use copy and paste for this.
Technique 1 - Copy and Paste with the Menu
Highlight the text you want to Copy and Paste. In our case, the
words "will not". As in the image below:
Click Edit from the menu bar
Move your cursor to the new location
Click Edit from the menu bar
Your text is copied to the new location
Technique 2 – Right Click
Highlight the text you want to Copy and Paste
Click on the highlighted text with the right mouse button
From the pop up menu, click Copy (Click with the left mouse
Move your cursor to the place where you want to paste your text
Click the new location with your right mouse button
From the pop up menu, click Paste (Click with the left
mouse button)
Your text is Pasted to the new location
Technique 3 – Keyboard
Highlight the text you want to cut and paste
Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard
Press the letter “C” on your keyboard
The text is copied
Move the cursor to the place where you want to paste your text
Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard
Press the letter “V” on your keyboard
The text is pasted to the new position
And those are the Cut, Copy and Paste techniques. Practice
them with the letter you downloaded for this section. There are some
more duplicated words in the letter. Cut them out using the techniques
outlined. Re-arrange the letter so that it makes sense. You should NOT
have to type anything out.
But one last word about Cut, Copy and Paste. It was mentioned
that there are three techniques. Actually, there is a fourth - using
the icons on the toolbar. The icons for Cut, Copy and Paste look like
The first icon is Cut, the second Copy, and the third
Paste. If you want to cut text using the icon, first highlight your
text. Then click the Cut Icon. If you want to paste the text somewhere,
position your cursor in the new location then click the Paste icon.
Instead of clicking the Cut icon first, you can click the Copy icon.
Then click the Paste icon to paste your text in a new location. Try
them out and see how they work.
It's probably better to just use one of the techniques
outlined, the one you feel most comfortable with. Once you gain confidence
in the technique, and begin to master it, you can always use one of
the others.
And that ends this veru short section. In the next part,
you'll learn all about Clip Art in Microsoft Word.
Move on to the Clip Art section -->
<--Back to the Word
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How to Change Icons in Windows?
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