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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 30 » Mobile Devices: Windows 8 To Bring Better Touchscreens With Responsive Edges
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Mobile Devices: Windows 8 To Bring Better Touchscreens With Responsive Edges

Microsoft said it is working with hardware partners to bring better touchscreens than the ones that were offered for Windows 7.

Microsoft Helping Better Touchscreens For Windows 8 That Work Perfect To The Edges

Microsoft recently talked about how the company is working with hardware makers to bring better touchscreens for Windows 8 as compared to the ones found for Windows 7. The company seeks to improve touch performance, especially when it comes to how a touchscreen responds when it comes to the edges of the screen. The maker of Windows wants to implement these newly improved touchscreens on the tablets and laptops that will run the upcoming Windows 8 OS.

Since Windows 8 is a completely touch-based OS, it makes sense for the company to be working to improve touchscreens in every way they can. Tablets, Ultrabooks and general laptops and notebooks are all slated to be released with Windows 8 as soon as Microsoft releases Windows 8 commercially. According to the latest rumors, this will happen sometime this October with a Release Candidate build rumored for this summer, some time in May.

Microsoft’s focus on edge to edge response for every touchscreen is also because of how the new touch-based interface works on Windows 8. There are multiple edge swipes that are needed to bring up search, extra features and tools called ‘Charms’ and more for the user to have the full experience of Windows 8.

Microsoft is not going to allow sub-par touchscreens from vendors selling Windows 8 tablets and touch-based devices and will actively be vetting all designs before they go to the market.

Windows 8 allows developers to use all available pixels in contrast to Windows 7 where Microsoft had reserved 20 pixels for edge swipes. With fullscreen mode, Windows 8 apps will be able to utilize every single pixel available and Microsoft is working to ensure better touchscreens that detect edge swipes everytime.

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