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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 28 » Microsoft Working With Intel To Develop Ultrabooks, Hardware Specs Requirements Detailed
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Microsoft Working With Intel To Develop Ultrabooks, Hardware Specs Requirements Detailed

Looks like Microsoft has taken a lot of active interest in the development of Ultrabooks and has been working in tandem with Intel to bring them in to the market in a bigger way.
Microsoft actively working Intel on the Ultrabook brand for Windows 8

Microsoft Has Posted Its Own List Of Ultrabook Requirements

Microsoft has been overseeing the production of Ultrabooks just as Intel has been doing and the maker of the Windows 8 OS has also released its own set of requirements for ultrabooks to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that Windows 8 should work flawlessly on all of these Ultrabooks.

Small things like keyboard quality, smooth touchpad/mouse action, better and thinner chassis but above all else seems to be a great display and an even better touchscreen for the devices that do come with it. However, Microsoft has been going a step further and rejecting certain design limitations.

For example, Microsoft wants a solid experience for the screens on your typical clamshell Ultrabooks. They cannot shake or wobble when they are being touched to perform an action. Microsoft instead wants a solid feel to it that reminds people of holding a tablet and using.

Redmond is not happy at all with the current lines of devices that tablet manufacturer are supplying and as a result they have revised the specifications to make the manufacturers work on the display and make it stronger.

Ultrabooks for Windows 8 cannot happen without Microsoft, manufacturers will absolutely have to abide by them. But most of them cannot pay up for the increased manufacturing costs of building more solid components, so most of them are taking up Windows 7 licenses instead for now.

However, the situation is bound to improve with time as manufacturing costs come down and several processes are standardized. Microsoft’s push to get the ball rolling right now will make sure that only the best Ultrabooks run Windows 8 when the OS launches later this year.

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