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Friday, 2020-08-14
Main » 2012 » May » 28 » Market Share Analysis: Windows 8 Is Already More Popular Than Windows 7
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Market Share Analysis: Windows 8 Is Already More Popular Than Windows 7

Comparing the number of who were using Windows 7 Beta to the number of people who are using Windows 8 Consumer Preview, it was found that the numbers for Windows 8 far outstrip its predecessor.
Windows 8 Preview is already more popular than windows 7

Windows 8 Winds Over Windows 7 In Beta/Preview Stage

The Microsoft development team tweeted the news on Friday last week —

"Windows 8 consumer preview usage more than twice Windows 7 beta at the same point in time. Millions of people using everyday.”

This comparison is really going to help Microsoft in establishing Windows 8 against the current world popular Windows 7. The Windows series Of OS are by far the world’s most installed OS’ and Windows 7 is currently the popular. So much so that there are some who fear a rejection of change, similar to what happened when users entrenched in to XP simply refused to upgrade to Vista even if their system supported it.

Windows 8 was announced to come in three different versions plus one ARM-based release called Windows 8 RT that will be used for manufacturers directly and won’t go in to retail.

Windows 7 was the talking point of every tech enthusiast for a long time during the beta phase and it got a lot of positive reviews and hence the number of users kept on increasing. However, even that seems to have fallen short when compared to the large number of users who have flocked to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Other than the novelty factor of a completely new UI and brand new look and features, there’s also the point of consumers worrying about whether the radically different OS will change their workflow drastically. So a lot of people are using the Consumer Preview to actually test things out for themselves so that they know whether or not they want to move. But the response has been positive from such individuals as well as from pundits and your average user. And this explains the great demand of the OS — it is constantly evolving to keep users on their toes.

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