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Thursday, 2020-08-13
Main » 2012 » May » 28 » Is The Windows 8 Release Candidate Delaying Internet Explorer 10?
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Is The Windows 8 Release Candidate Delaying Internet Explorer 10?

Windows 8 Release Candidate version is coming much earlier than anticipated but then is it likely that the launch of Internet Explorer 10 is actually being held back because of it?
Is Internet Explorer 10 tied intrinsically with Windows 8 Release Candidate?

Is Internet Explorer 10 Waiting Windows 8 Release Candidate To Drop

Windows 8 is rapidly progressing towards reaching the Release Candidate stage. This is the stage where the software is almost ready to shipped out; most of the glitches have been ironed out by now and it is only being put out their to act as a taster for the masses and also to weed out the final few bugs before launch. There has been no official word on this but it is everywhere on the web.

According to authority sites ZDNet and The Next Web — Windows 8 RC will be dropping sometime in the middle of this month and so will Internet Explorer 10. However, there are different opinions on this.

Various tech focus sites are saying that the launch of Internet Explorer 10 is necessary to coincide with Windows 8. It cannot be either before or after because that will only leave confusion in its wake. Additionally, user experience will suffer if we do not get Internet Explorer.

The usual release schedule for Internet Explorer is in the middle of the year and with rumors of the Windows 8 Release Candidate coming in at the same time, it is possible that Microsoft sees the opportunity of releasing both together and maintain a harmonious user experience for Windows 8. After all, the release of IE10 is important but not as important as making sure that Windows 8 goes through the proper staging before releasing commercially.

In the meantime, Winunleaked.tk has been forthcoming about the actual time frame. According to a post made on the blog, Microsoft would be releasing Windows 8 in between end of May and beginning of June this year.

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