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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 30 » Intel Working With 10 Companies To Make Cool Windows 8 Tablets
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Intel Working With 10 Companies To Make Cool Windows 8 Tablets

Windows 8 is very likely to get released by end of this year despite lack of official confirmation and we are also likely to see a lot of tablets as Intel has been found to be working with multiple vendors to make tablets for the upcoming OS.


Windows 8 To Have Intel-Based Tablets From At Least 10 Different Companies

Intel is reportedly working with as many as 10 Chinese and global device manufacturing companies to make tablets based on the upcoming Windows 8 OS from Microsoft. The world’s largest chipmaker has not disclosed the names of those it is working with but Intel China chairman Sean Maloney said that we will see a lot of Intel-based tablets by the end of this year. He was speaking at an Intel Developer Forum event in Beijing.

His comments, whilst not related to the OS directly, can also be interpreted as hint that Windows 8 is on a steady path to releasing before the end of this year. Intel would not be making so many tablets based on Windows 7 after all.

He also talked about how Intel is also venturing in to the smartphone race. The company’s latest Atom processor the Z2460 AKA Medfield is meant for smartphones and Intel clearly hopes that that this high-performance and low battery requiring series will find a home in Windows Phone 8 as well.

Chinese company Lenovo’s K800 handset is based on this chip and is also the first smartphone to use an Intel chip. Lenovo will being selling the phone in China by the end of May this year. Maloney said that the K800 is aimed at the "high-end”.

Intel’s other low-energy high processing power chip, codenamed Clover Trail, will be released later this year and it will be targeted for tablets. Maloney said that the chip will have a 1.8GHz processor. So you will se a lot of Windows 8 tablets in the market with a 1.8GHz processor in it if all of Intel’s plans bear fruition.

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