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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 28 » Intel Reveals Its Plans For Windows 8 Tablets: Intel Ivy Bridge CPU’s
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Intel Reveals Its Plans For Windows 8 Tablets: Intel Ivy Bridge CPU’s

Intel has announced its intended list of specifications for Windows 8 tablets and it includes the chipmaker’s upcoming Ivy Bridge chips.
Intel Windows 8 Tablet specs

Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Will Be Included Within Windows 8 Tablets

Intel has unveiled its own list of specifications for the upcoming Windows 8 tablets and one of the main components is the upcoming Ivy Bridge processor. It is going to be part of the Core series of chips and will feature better battery life management and processing power, making them fit for tablet use. Intel hopes that this will be enough to convince manufacturers to make Intel-based Windows 8 tablets. The conventional approach is to use ARM-based chips because of their lower battery consumption and greater processing power in terms of the ratio. And now that Windows 8 is available on ARM, it will be even easier to make Windows 8 tablets using chips from the likes of Qualcomm and NVIDIA. However, Windows 8 also puts x86 and hence Intel, at a position of advantage.

Intel chips will be able to run the full version of the legacy Desktop side of Windows 8, which means it will be able to run Windows applications the way we know them now. Even though it does not make sense to run the current Windows version of Photoshop on a tablet, it may be easier for companies to adapt existing applications instead of coding them from scratch. On top of that, when comparing pure processing power — Intel would win out over ARM.

Intel is planning for tablets in both dual-core and quad-core processor configurations. And these will all feature chips from Intel’s flagship Core i series of chips, instead of being the lower powered Atom line. Intel had concentrated on Atom in past as their offering to the mobile industry but that was changed recently to shift all focus back to the Core series.

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