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Friday, 2020-08-14
Main » 2012 » May » 28 » How to start windows 8 in safe mode?
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How to start windows 8 in safe mode?

To start Windows 8 in safe mode , refer to the tutorial below.

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What is windows 8 safe mode

Windows safe mode is a troubleshooting mode of Windows Operating system, which starts operating system with at most necessary resources. It will load basic files and device drivers that are necessary to run windows 8.
In safe mode of windows, all advanced graphics functionality, additional unimportant process & services are not loaded. That’s the reason why we use safe mode for trouble shoot windows bug. So any process or application, preventing
windows to load normally will remain disabled, and we can debug this problem. When windows load in safe mode, graphics functionality is kept at minimum. That’s why Safe mode is quite ugly, large icons, no aero effect & so on. One must keep it in mind that
whenever Windows loads in safe mode by default it will dump you in Administrator Account . So, be careful, whatever will you goanna want to perform, will be reflected on overall windows.

If you are experienced with how to enter in safe mode in other versions of windows, then sorry dear, you cannot enter in windows 8 safe modes as you did with earlier versions of windows. Normally, in case of windows Xp,or Vista & 7,
F8 key is pressed just when boot loader starts. But in Windows 8 , by default Safe mode is disabled and you have to Enable it manually at least once from windows. Then you can enter in safe mode whenever you wish.

How to enter in safe mode

Frankly speaking, there are three popular way to enter in safe mode (or configure to enter in safe mode).

1. Using Windows Advanced Settings

2. Changing System Configuring (MSConfig)

3. Editing Windows Registry via Command Prompt or manually.

A. Using Windows Advanced Settings

1. Press Windows + c to activate charm’s bar. Click Settings . Then Click More Settings on the right bottom corner of Charm’s bar.

More Settings

2. Move to the General Tab and Scroll to find Advanced Start Up. Click Restart to open advanced startup mode. & wait for restart. While window restart, a window will open, Click Trouble Shoot .Then Click Advanced Option. In the new window appeared, Click Windows Start up Settings

Windows Start Up Settings

3. Hit Restart to enable, safe mode, boot logging etc.

 restart to Open in safe mode

4. After restart , Advanced boot menu will be brought to you . Use Navigation key ( Up, Down arrow key ) to select safe mode, & hit "Enter” to log in windows in safe mode.

 Advanced Boot Option

B. By configuring System Configuration Utility or msconfig

What is msconfig : Windows System configuration wizard is a tool to control windows start up functionality. One can control start up application, services, boot mode, explore service information from System configuration wizard.

To enable safe mode, follow the steps below

1 . Click Window+R to open Run dialog box. Type msconfig . (commands are case sensitive, always use lower case)

 Restart or later

on the next reboot, you will be in windows 8 in safe mode. It is quite easy.

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