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Thursday, 2020-08-13
Main » 2012 » May » 28 » How To Put Windows 8 On The iPad Using Splashtop
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How To Put Windows 8 On The iPad Using Splashtop

Windows 8 can now be experienced on an iPad thanks to the innovations from Splashtop with their new iOS app for the iPad called Win8 Metro Testbed.
Windows 8 Metro on iPad through Win8 Metro Testbed iOS app from Splashtop

Splashtop Brings the Windows 8 Metro Experience To Your iPad

Have you been wanting to try out the new Windows 8 Metro UI on a tablet but all you have is an iPad? Well, worry not because an developing company called Splashtop has brought out an iOS app called the Win8 Metro TestBed that allows you try out the Metro UI without leaving the comfort of your familiar iPad.

This app is actually targeted at developers who can now test out the touch gestures that are native to the Windows 8 Metro interface. This will help them write better code for Windows 8 Metro through better understanding of the UI. Once they are done coding, they can also test out their apps without having to purchase a new Windows Tablet. However, the best part about this app is that it can be used by anybody and everybody to try out the Windows 8 experience.

This app essentially works as a remote version of a Windows 8 Consumer Preview install running somewhere on a PC. Splashtop TestBed app along with their Streamer app makes it possible to work on an actual Windows 8 installation through the tablet. So this is not a simulation either.

As a consumer, this means you can set up your desktop or laptop PC with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and then purchase the necessary Splashtop apps and follow the instructions. So you will be using your own installation, which means all the apps and features that you have enabled on your original system will available here.

Analysts have predicted that this might hamper the sales of actual Windows 8 Tablets but this is just a great development tool and remote desktop app for Windows 8 that cannot surpass the experience one would get on a native Windows 8 machine.

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