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Thursday, 2020-08-13
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5.26.12 AM
How To Hack A Computer

in this tutorial I’ll show you how win spy software can bu used to hack computer accounts as facebook, yahoo etc. and control computer with remote access .


We’ll create remote file using software called Win Spy. Win Spy is powerfull hacking spy software that can records all type keystrokes , websites visited detail , summary, chatroom conversation, time spen on internet , loggin attempts…. also it can make remote file. When the target pc runs remote file all recorded data will be send to your email.


Win Spy
 – high quality remote spying software, I recommend to buy original pro version , price is $39.95 .It’s worth every penny.

Head to the Win-Spy website -CLICK HERE- 

Here’s a list of kick-ass features that I wouldn’t have expected to see in this type of program:

* Folder Hider – Cool, now I can completely hide those *special* folders :)

* Clear Track – Allows you to easily clear Internet and Windows tracks on your computer. Brilliant.

* PC Tracking – Secretly sends information on the machines whereabouts if it’s stolen – can this get any better?

* Secure File Deletion – Boom. Say good bye to the evidence!

* Counter anti-spy software – i.e. this little baby will protect itself is someone is trying to find it!

And they aren’t even the newest features. Let’s look at what’s new :

Remotely deploy the software

Bundle the software into another install, or make it look like an Excel spreadsheet, Word document, Powerpoint or screensaver. Win-Spy will discreetly install in the background. OMG that’s cool.

Remote monitoring

Over the web, by email or FTP. You can view almost all activity while you’re away from your machine. And you can even be notified of events by SMS.

The major difficulties in using remote control software are firewalls and blocked ports, as well as NAT routing for local IP addresses. If you use Win-Spy Monitoring Software you don’t have to worry about firewalls: Win-Spy Monitoring Software will find a route to your partner.

How To Install Win Spy

Go to Win-Spy’s website (see Resources) and purchase and download the program. When asked where you would like to save Win-Spy, save the folder to your desktop.Choose and enter your user name and password when you are asked to do so. This is your login information from now on, so write it down. Type in your user name and password.

Restart your computer. Win-Spy will automatically launch on startup.Hold down the "Control,” "Shift” and "F12″ keys on your keyboard. This will launch the Win-Spy login page. Enter your user name and password to log in.

How To Use Win Spy To Hack

Create a file to send to the target PC via email. This file will install Win Spy on the remote PC, when the user opens the email message.

1) Go to Remote -> Remote Install

2) In the user box I’ll type targets name "Peter”
"Filename” is name of our remote file , it can be exe, ppt, scr or combine. In this example it’s Secretpicture.
"Email keylog To” filed is where you need to type your email address where keystrokes that the target types will be send. Not put the hotmail address because it doesn’t accept remote files, so always enter gmail address.
Click on "Create Remote File”

3)Remote file Secretpicture is succesfully created on Desktop. Now you need to send that file to the target pc . You can attach the file to an email message and send to the target email address.

Or you can archive it with win rar and upload it on uploading service as rapidshare. When the target runs Secretpicture file you’ll receive all recorded data on your email address.

Click Here to Order WinSpy Now!

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