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Thursday, 2020-08-13
Main » 2012 » March » 23 » How to Download Flash Videos From Any Site With Firefox
12.01.22 PM
How to Download Flash Videos From Any Site With Firefox
I'll make it short. I found this out on myself just by peeping around and Googling a bit.

1. Open Firefox.

2. Clear your cache.

Open Firefox and select "Tools" -> "Options", select the Advanced panel, and click on the Network tab. In the Offline Storage section, click Clear Now.

Click OK to close the Options window

3. Load the web page that contains your flash video. Make sure it streams all the way. This means you now have it in your computer's cache.

4. Open a new tab and write "about:cache" in the address bar (without the "quotes").

5. Under "Disk cache device", copy the path shown for the cache directory.

6. Paste that path in My Computer, or navigate to it however you want.

7. Order files by size.

8. The biggest file should be your video. It's going to have a weird name like 54DDEA30e01 but that's fine. This is your video.

9. Open the file with a media player that supports the format, such as VLC Player.

NOTE: Most likely, your computer won't know which software to run this file type with, so just select "open file with" option after clicking the file with the secondary mouse button, and choose VLC Player. 
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