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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 28 » How to create Picture Password to sign-in using Windows 8
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How to create Picture Password to sign-in using Windows 8

To create Picture Password and log in into Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.

Preview Image

What is Picture Password?

Well, Microsoft added a lots of security feature in windows 8. Microsoft added two new method of log in into the system.

1. Picture Password : The picture password feature is designed to highlight the parts of an image that are important to you, and it requires a set of gestures that allow you to accomplish this quickly and confidently. Obviously it is very secure, because mathematics shows that even a simplest image can create millions of gestures and highlights.

2. PIN : Personal Identification Number or PIN is used here as the same way you use in ATM. It is a four digit number, through which you can sign in to your account .

Experience a new way of sign in into windows with Picture Password that you never faced earlier versions of Windows . Get out of the traditional password matching mechanism of signing in. Picture password is a sequence of gestures or actions performed on the selected image during set up. This actions in sequence is itself the password. To Sign in you must remember the image, the position, the action you taken on that position of that particular image in sequence. Simple, idea shows that, it is possible millions numbers of permutation of password keeping all the three (image, action & positions of actions taken) in consideration whether normal passwords can be guessed by finitely computation. i.e., it is more secure than you can imagine as ‘ Secure’

Why should we use it ?

First of all it must be known that Windows 8 is not only launched for Personal computers, but also for tablet PC, windows phone etc. touch devices. It is easier to make a gesture or tap or swipe on screen than a lengthy password in a touch device like windows phone or tablet PC. Secondly, it serves unimaginable security. One can only log on to the system if only one knows the sequence of actions you set up. PIN log in can be breached, because PIN no is finite and fewer permutations are possible, so one can hit the PIN by random try and error. But this is something, you cannot guess and try random. Thirdly, it is still separated than password. If you use picture password, your account password will be remain same. One cannot modify the picture password without having any a prior knowledge of your Account password. Fourthly, Microsoft does not restrict to use pre specified images or batch of images provided during installation. You are free to choose your own selected image. So, from every corner, Picture password is advantageous than traditional password log in system.

How to create & Use Picture Password in Windows 8

To create Picture password, follow the steps,

1. Activate Charm’s bar by windows key+ C . Click Settings . Then Click More Settings in the right corner of the sidebar.

 More Settings

2. Move to the User tab or click the User tab.

Move to the User tab

3. Look for the Sign In Options . Click Create a Picture Password button.

Cick create Picture Password

4. Current Password is required to create a picture password. Put your password in the new window asking for Password.

Put your Password

5. After password verification is over, select the image on which password will be set. Click Choose picture to browse for image.

Chooose the picture

6. After selecting the image, window will ask for the confirmation. If you want to use the image, click Use this picture . But remind, by clicking ‘use this picture’ you are selecting the visible image portion in the right side. If image size is too large, and you want to select different portion, drag the image to proper position, so that it comes within the visible area in the preview pan at the right .To change that image, click Choose new picture button.

Confirm or drag or change image

7. Next comes the crucial part, setting the password. To set the password, make three operations on the image. You can drag, tap on a point, create square, and make a mouse movement (gesture). You have to do it for three times. You can use any combination of these three. But whatever you do, Do not forget the actions, its sequence and the positions on which you perform

Set password

8. Confirm the password by repeating the actions. If matches, you will be congratulated. To finish the password creation, click Finish

Verify password

Now, reboot or sign out , see what happens. Window is asking for the picture password, instead of normal password. Put the password, by performing the series of actions with proper position as you set up during picture password creation wizard.

Lo in screen with picture password

Don’t Like It? Want to get back the sign in with password? Or have you forgotten the password? Don’t worry. Click Switch to password in the Log in Screen. Login with your password as you used to do. Then Open More PC Settings , Click User . In the sign in option, ClickChange picture password or Remove in order to modify or delete the picture password you have created earlier.

Change or Remove Picture password

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