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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 30 » Hospitals And Tech: Windows 8 Tablets And Healthcare Might Be A Great Match
10.48.23 AM
Hospitals And Tech: Windows 8 Tablets And Healthcare Might Be A Great Match

Next time you go to the hospital or the clinic, you might be greeted with Windows 8 touchscreen devices everywhere.

Tablets Might Work Well For Healthcare Professionals

One of the most important areas where consumer technology can go is Healthcare. Doctors and surgeons all over the world are already working on various prototypes using tablets, motion sensors, etc. Given that Microsoft technologies like Kindle are already being used in the healthcare industry, Windows 8 might become the de facto platform for making new-age healthcare devices in the near future.

The greatest strength of Windows 8 is the fact that it can bridge the gap between the desktop at the doctor’s office and the tablet that the nurse is using to keep track of a patient’s health. In the meantime, the out of station doctor who is using a Windows Phone 8 is kept in the loop at all times by both the desktop and the tablet.

The ecosystem that Windows 8 will be creating upon launch will encompass all these platforms that consumers have become used to. If healthcare professionals can be made to reap the benefits, information flow between the entire industry would become much faster and streamlined. However, even at the lowest level, the communication between healthcare professionals and the workers running the entire system also deserves streamlining and optimized.

And the last but not the least is the patient him/herself. Whether you are admitted or an outpatient, there’s always room for better medical records and easier access to them. With supporting features like cloud storage and NFC, the flow of information would be much easier. Imagine just swiping your phone at the doctor’s to pass along your entire medical history. That is how smooth healthcare can become once current consumer technology is absorbed in to this industry

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