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Tuesday, 2020-08-04
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11.20.20 AM
Flash Banner Designer v5.0

Flash Banner Designer представляет собой простое в использовании приложение, которое дает возможность использовать различные предварительно сделанные шаблоны. Приложение позволяет добавлять текст и графические эффекты для создания флеш-баннеров в считанные минуты. Flash Banner Designer позволяет создавать баннер определенного размера, выбирая любой из 11 вариантов размера.

Вот некоторые основные возможности "Flash Banner Designer ":
Возможность создать профессиональный вид баннеров из множества флэш-шаблонов в сети
Возможность добавлять текст, изображения и эффекты прозрачности
Возможность добавить привлекательные формы и изображения к баннеру
Возможность разместить флэш-баннер в интернете, экспортируя его с помощью HTML или SWF
Простой в использовании интерфейс приложения
Возможность легко настроить и изменить яркость, контрастность баннера, возможность вращать изображение
Программа обеспечивает заранее определенный набор предварительных загрузок для отображения баннеров в минимальные сроки

An easy tool with effective feature that help you to create Flash banners in minutes!
The best part about Flash Animation Software is that it does not require you to possess intensive Flash skills. You can add different elements in your banner by using simple select and drop functionality. Flash Banner Designer gives you the flexibility of getting the output in SWF or flash, and HTML with Click Tag feature.


• 400+ animated and static Background
• Banner Rotator
• Filters
•Combine Multiple Banners
•Import System Fonts
•4000 Symbols
•Transparent Output in GIF & PNG
•Output in GIF
•Output in SWF & HTML
•Transparent Output in SWF & HTML
•Click Tag

New Features for Flash Banner Designer 5.0 – Flash Banner Maker

Banner Rotator

The Banner rotator displays multiple banners in a specific pattern on a webpage. You can also mention the URL where you want the viewer to be redirected on clicking on a specific image. The Banner Ad rotator creates javascript code which the user can retrieve.

Arc Text and Character Map

Now with Flash Banner Designer you can give curved effect to your text with Arc Text option. You can access the Character map which shows characters for a font and insert them in your banner.

Background Library

You can choose banner backgrounds from our vast resource of Static backgrounds and animated backgrounds. 350+ Static backgrounds are categorized under 18 banner sizes. There are 50+ animated banner backgrounds which can be applied on any banner irrespective of its size.

Fill with Image

With "Fill with Image” feature you can add image in any selected object. You can fill text, symbol and shape with an image. The image will appear in the selected object as per the shape of the object.

Background Shapes

Flash Banner Designer allows you to shape the background as Rectangle, Round Rectangle, Ellipse, Diamond, Hexagon, Octagon, Star and Semi circle.


Filters are the special effects like Grey Scale, Invert, Sharpen, Edge and Water that can be applied on any image, text, shape, and symbol.

Blur and Emboss Effects

You can now use Blur and Emboss Effects to customize banner objects in your Banner. These effects can be applied on text, shape symbol and images.

Select All, Group and Ungroup
New tools Select all has been added in Flash Banner Designer which selects all the objects added on to canvas. You can access group and ungroup tool for moving two or more objects together and applying effects on them simultaneously.

Screen Color Picker

Color Picker tool allows user to pick the color from any object on the screen and apply it on any object on the banner.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Flash Banner Designer allows you to upload your banner to FTP sites. You can enter the details of the FTP Site and use them again as well.

Multiple Canvases

This feature allows the user to open multiple banners in separate tabs. Hence the user can work on multiple banner projects simultaneously.

Color Palettes

In addition to the basic RGB Palette, Flash Banner Designer now provides you with multiple palettes like Primary, Pastels and Metallic etc.


Overlays are ready made animations which appear on the banner as special effects.

Save as Template

With this saving option, user can save a designed banner as a template for future use. This template is stored in the template library, hence is easily accessible to user for reference.

Send as Email

Now you can easily share your banner with others by sending via email as an attachment.


Flash Banner Designer now allows you to flip vertical or flip horizontal. You can Apply Flip on any text, symbol, shape or image. With Flip, you can experiment with your creativity and design a unique banner.


You can accurately measure your banner and banner elements with Ruler, the ruler can be moved to the work area hence making it easier and more precise.

Outline Text and Symbol

With Flash Banner Designer 5.0, you can provide outline to text, symbols, shapes and images. You can even customize outline properties.


Tips provide you with information on Flash Banner Designer software which will assist you in using the product. With Flash Banner Designer tips; you can easily create great banners in no time.

Select from banners in 17 sizes or have a custom size

Select animation effects

and their timing, add shapes if required

Scale size of elements in banner

Rotate elements in banner

Crop image as required

Adjust Brightness and Contrast

Scale and edit images

Professionally designed banner templates

Flash Banner Designer provides a professionally designed set of attractive templates as a starting step to your banner.

Select a banner size to suit your requirement

You can select from a set of 17 banner size options available or design a banner of the specific size you require.

Combine multiple banners

You can combine multiple banner files into single file, perform loop action on them. You can also select the timing and the banner size that you want to display.

Import Systems Fonts

This feature allows you to import your system fonts. The imported fonts get stored with pre-existing fonts in Flash Banner Designer software; hence can be readily used as and when required.

Library of Symbols

A large variety of 4000 symbols in 37 different categories, catering to different sectors such as communications, health sector, educational institutions, financial sector, food and beverage and much more.

Add Text to your banner design

Using the Text Tool, add text to your banner. The banner software provides you an array of font options and sizes to pick from. Also add color to your text to make it stand out.

Import animation in background

In addition to the banner background in static JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF formats. Flash Banner Designer allows you to import animated banner background in SWF format.

Pre-defined Preloaders for loading banners

Flash Banner Designer provides you a pre defined set of Preloaders so that the banner can be displayed within minimum time.

Arrange element order -move objects to front or to back

Using the Arrange (front to back or back to front) tool, arrange the objects in your banner as per your requirement.

Alignment of objects within Banner

The ‘alignment of objects’ feature helps you in aligning objects on the stage to different positions like left, center, right, top and bottom. This unique feature applies to countless design elements like text, image, shape, symbol and button.

Make banners with animated Text & Image Entry Effect

The software has preset animated entry and transition effects. Select the type of animated entry effect you want for the text and images on the banner.

Flash Banner Designer V 5.0 has more animation transitions than ever before! Use exciting transitions like Slide, Fade, Checkerboard, Sparkles, Spin Shatter, Stars and Iris etc.

Time setting for effects

Set the time for different effects happening on the banner. A range of animated effects have been provided including text entry effect, text exit effect, image entry effect or image exit effect.

Color & Gradient fill for your banner

Flash Banner Designer provides you excellent color and gradient options. You can apply solid or gradient effects to banner background. You can also apply solid or gradient fill to text, symbols and shapes.

"Transparency” Effect

You can provide transparency effects on text, images, shapes and symbols.

Publish banner in SWF or HTML

The Flash Banner Designer allows you to publish your banner as SWF or HTML so you can easily upload it online.

Comprehensive Help

The Help file containing detailed instructions of the software is available as a tutorial for your reference and helps in easy usage of the product.

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