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Friday, 2020-08-14
Main » 2012 » April » 11 » Windows XP USB Flash Edition 2010 SP3 Genuine (12-30-2010)
9.01.15 PM
Windows XP USB Flash Edition 2010 SP3 Genuine (12-30-2010)

Windows XP USB Flash Edition 2010 SP3 Genuine | 308 MB

Guide to Install Include

* Platform: Windows XP SP3
* ?ompatibility Vista: Yes
* Requirements: 384 Mb, possibility boot from USB
* Add net and disk drivers.

Archive included 3 Directory: A, B, C
Step A - Formatting flash
Step B - Make bootable flash
Step C - copy all from directory C to flash

For more infomations, see picture in archive

Download links :

Download part 1
Download part 2

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