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Thursday, 2019-08-22
Main » 2012 » June » 1 » Top: Always Start An Application in Elevated Administrator Mode on Windows 8
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Top: Always Start An Application in Elevated Administrator Mode on Windows 8

Some applications always need to be run in an elevated mode, here’s a guide that will teach you how to to always run applications in administrator mode on Windows 8.

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Windows 8 by default runs most of the utilities or applications with least privilege access, which is non-admin mode. Thus Windows 8 helps to protect the system from damaging caused by both malicious virus codes and inexperienced end users. In general cases this is a good thing but, sometimes a user may need an app to run as an Administrator for different reasons.

Many applications need to be run as administrator in order to function properly. As Windows 8 is very new to us, many applications especially the older applications (which were meant for XP or vista) have not been updated to support Windows 8 yet. Sometimes a user may need administration privilege to run these type of applications.

Though Running applications as an Administration can be accomplished by using a simple right click, and then choosing Run as administrator option. But you need to do this same step each and every time you want to launch the application. It is possible to set an app to always run as Administrator.

Simply follow these steps to do so.

Steps to always Start an Application in Administrator Mode on Windows 8

Step 1: Right-Click the Application Shortcut that you want to run as an administrator and then Click Properties from the context menu.

Click on Properties

Step 2: Now, navigate to Shortcut tab at the top. Then Click on the Advanced.

Open Avdanced Option

Step 3: Check the Run as administrator option, then Click OK to finish.

Check Run As Administrator Option

You are done. Now if you click on the shortcut of the application the shortcut will automatically run the application in administrator mode without any extra steps.

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Marion Ray (ChipRay)
Posted: 12/24/2006 10:54 AM
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Icon Creator.zip
I was searching for the longest time for a Icon grid so I could make my own icons and finally I just gave up looking and decided to figure it out myself. So here is a way It can be done and I'm sure the code I wrote could probably be simplified or tweaked so feel free to do with it as you will and Merry Christmas, Jesus is my hero biggrin ChipRay
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Conor O' Driscoll (conorod)
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ChipRay, when I try to debug that in VS2005, I am prompted for a password, something to do with the file "32 by 32 icon creator_TemporaryKey.pfx". Could you look into this? The form $ code loks great, though - well done and thanks for sharing it!:thumb:
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