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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 28 » Mozilla Calls Out Microsoft For Restricting Third-Party Browsers On Windows 8 RT
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Mozilla Calls Out Microsoft For Restricting Third-Party Browsers On Windows 8 RT

Microsoft has made restrictions inside the Windows 8 RT software that prevents third-party browsers like Firefox from running on Desktop.
Mozilla cries foul over Microsoft’s restrictions on Windows 8 RT

Windows 8 RT Will Not Allow Third-Party Browsers On Desktop

Windows 8 RT is the version of Windows 8 that runs on ARM. Microsoft has apparently made restrictions within the platform that prevent any third-party browsers from running on the Desktop of Windows 8 RT. This has upset Mozilla (the makers of Firefox and Fennec) and they have called out the Redmond tech giant, saying it was a return to the ‘Dark-Ages’ for technology.

Microsoft prevents all non-IE (Internet Explorer) browsers from accessing APIs (Application Programming Interface) that are required to run the application on the Desktop. Windows 8 RT will be running mainly Metro and it has been revealed that Microsoft will allow a heavily restricted Desktop mode that will only run Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet Explorer.

Steven Sinofsky said something earlier this year that seemed to confirm the fact that Microsoft has indeed cordoned off the Desktop area for third-party software vendors. This enrages other software makers because now Microsoft applications like Internet Explorer will be able to take advantage of the entire platform, providing a more stable, speedy and secure performance. Third-party software will always be second-class citizen on Windows RT at this rate. It seems like Microsoft has opened a veritable Pandora’s box by creating a Desktop area on Windows 8 RT.

Microsoft has not responded officially to any these comments and at this point, there are several things to take in to consideration. There’s no accurate documentation, if any, of which parts are blocked for third-parties. So we don’t know how restricted is restricted. Secondly, Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT is no longer the Windows we know. So this is another platform entirely. From this point forth, Microsoft should be making clear to the world what is already becoming clear to the tech industry — Windows is now just a brand and it happens to have cloud, mobile and PC under its banner.

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