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Monday, 2020-11-30
Main » 2012 » May » 28 » How to change the operating system name on the boot screen in Windows 8?
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How to change the operating system name on the boot screen in Windows 8?

To change Operating System name in the boot Screen in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.

Preview Image

If you are using only windows 8 as your operating system in your PC, perhaps you need not to worry about changing the operating system name in boot loader. But do you use two or more operating system with Windows 8 as primary one? Are you bored with the same name, "Windows 8 Consumer Preview” appearing on the boot screen every day? Let’s tweak Windows 8 to show the operating system name, that I want to see.

How to change

There are three ways you can perform this change,

  • 1. Change the boot.ini file in windows folder .
  • 2. Change the Windows registry
  • and the simplest one is, 3. to use command prompt to change the name.

to change the operating system name, follow the steps:

1. Press window +C to open charms bar. Click Search . In the Search box write Command prompt. Then right Click on the Command prompt icon and select Run as Administrator . It is mandatory to open command prompt in the administrative privilege
, because shortly after, whatever you are going to do is changing or modifying the boot loader. Without administrative privilege, access will be denied.

run cmd as Administrator

2. In the Command prompt, type bcdedit and hit enter. Note that, the commands are case sensitive and must use lower case. Immediately command prompt will show you details information about the boot loader. Here are few things we must clear to understand
what are actually going to be happened.

Boot information

A. identifier: This parameter indicates the operating system that holds the bootstrap application.

B. device : In which drive the boot loader is present.

C. path: The address to the boot loader.

D. description: The name of the OS that holds the boot loader. And we are going to change this value.

E. OSdevice: The drive that holds the operating system, that is going to be loaded. Don’t misinterpret between device and OSdevice, because one can change boot loader location to another device or partition.

3. To change the current OS name, type bcdedit /set {current} description "Name” in the command prompt . Replace "Name” with your desired one & hit "enter” .Maintain the white spaces between the words, otherwise you may encounter an error.

Change name

To change other operating system replace {current} with the identifier of the OS , shown in bcdedit command.

I have changed the name from "Windows 8 Consumer Preview ” to "Windows 8 Ultimatum”. This is shown below,

Name Changed

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