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Tuesday, 2020-08-04
Main » 2012 » April » 11 » GarageGames SpriteWorks2 Retail
8.55.51 AM
GarageGames SpriteWorks2 Retail

SpriteWorks is an fast and easy solution for creating animated sprite sheets for 2D games from existing 3D models and it's now available in the GarageGames store. SpriteWorks was created last year, based on the XNA graphics framework. As such, it required VisualStudio 2008 and the XNA Framework to be installed as well. But no longer.

SpriteWorks2 is a complete overhaul from the ground up. It's foundation has shifted from XNA to T3D and comes with a new look and a lot of great improvements. But the process of taking 3D models and generating animated sprite sheets for 2D games is the same. Existing customers are using SpriteWorks to create art for iPhone, TGB, and Torque X 2D games.

Collada 3D Support
One of the biggest features is support for the Collada 3D format. Collada is a popular 3D format that's supported by every major 3D editor, including 3D Studio Max, Maya, XSI, and Blender. You can easily load your 3D models into SpriteWorks via Collada export.

New Lighting
SpriteWorks2 also offers even better lighting support. Now you can change the brightness and color of the light source, resulting in unique rendering effects. You can also use a mouse to drag the source light into position. You can also apply post-process image effects, such as blur, to add even more to your sprite sheets.

Normal Mapping
Bring new lighting depth to your shader-based 2D games by enabling the normal mapping feature. This feature generates an additional animated spritesheet that is with normal mapped.

Image Blur
SpriteWorks2 also includes image post-processing effects, such as image blur. Even more visual effects, such as glow and cartoon rendering are in the works.

Quick Launch
SpriteWorks2 also adds a faster way to open to your DTS models by integrating with the Windows shell. Simply open Windows explorer and double-click any .dts file to open it up.

Torque 3D Preview
SpriteWorks also serves as a low-cost solution for previewing 3D art assets and animations ready for the new Torque 3D game engine.

New Usability
Lastly, overall usability was closely reviewed and improved to make it as easy and efficient as possible to bring in 3D models, pose them, and produce animated sprite sheets. In addition to the existing camera sliders, you can drag the mouse around to move and rotate the model into position.

SpriteWorks started as an XNA project last year and migrated to a Torque 3D project. Game developer Daniel Hopkins was a tremendous help in getting key functionality transitioned over in a very short period. He's a fantastic Torque 3D developer and deserves a ton of credit for his contribution.

The Future of SpriteWorks
SpriteWorks2 is definitely a huge leap forward from the original release, but it's also just the beginning. The plan to quickly move over from XNA to T3D was meant to open new development possibilities, such as Mac OS platform release that is already in the works. We also plan to support for even more 3D formats, and enabling new post-process effects.


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But there is no "Performance area" in my computer. Which Windows are you using?
What he actually means by Performance area is that you can see three "areas" Performance, user profiles, startup and recovery under that, right? Click settings in the performance region.
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Dribbble - 1980s Television Set icon by Adam Whitcroft
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1980s Television Set icon
by Adam Whitcroft
Feb 14, 2012
5 buckets
13 Responses
Adam Whitcroft
I wanted to get in on the NES Icon Battle #1 but kinda missed the boat. I had already started on the television so thought why not finish it.
Having a ton of fun with these icons at the moment!
10 months ago
Dan Eden
Yummy. That speaker grille is divine!
10 months ago
Daryl Ginn
10 months ago
Natalie Rooke
I'm getting in on some icon battlin' right now.
10 months ago
Todd Coleman
Very nice! I had a similar tv in my room when I was a kid, nice memories.
10 months ago
Joshua Hibbert
Holy smokes Adam, this is unreal!
10 months ago
Yoga Perdana
love it!
10 months ago
Dan Eden
@Natalie Rooke yay!
10 months ago
Adam Whitcroft
@Todd Coleman, @Joshua Hibbert, @Yoga Perdana thanks guys!
10 months ago
Tim Potter
10 months ago
Luke Jones
This looks bad ass!
10 months ago
Adam Whitcroft
@Tim Potter @Luke Jones Thanks chaps!
10 months ago
Joaquim Marques Nielsen
Retro! Gotta love!
9 months ago
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Royalty-Free Icons for Business and Financial Software
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Royalty-Free Icons for Business and Financial Software
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