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Tuesday, 2018-10-16
Main » 2012 » June » 1 » How to see all apps on Windows 8 that are currently installed
12.20.14 PM
How to see all apps on Windows 8 that are currently installed

Accessing All Apps On Windows 8_ThumbWondering what is installed on your PC, but you’re having trouble getting used to the Windows 8 Metro UI? Here’s how to see all apps that are installed.

1. Open the Metro Start Screen

2. Do ONE right-click on the blue background and a new bar at the bottom will appear:

Accessing All Apps On Windows 8.Jpg

3. Click on it and you should get a list of all programs that are installed on Windows 8

List Of All Installed Programs

4. The list is quite long.

Obviously you can also simply open up the Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files\, however this is a little bit more handy to start them quickly.

Still can’t see all of your installed programs? Maybe it was not correctly added to the Metro Start Screen

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